The Coronavirus(Covid-19) outbreak in China is under control.

We’re in Shanghai, a city with 23million people in China. In the first few days, we were at our Spring Festival holiday. Then news said Wuhan lockdown, then Hubei Province lockdown, then other cities shut down.

From the first start, we didn’t know what the virus is. News told us the virus is fatal, and it is horrible than SARS (a virus breakout in 2003, and killed lots of people), it has 14 days incubation period. It means the virus is smarter than SARS.

Schools, restaurants, malls anywhere where people might contact are closed. News advises us to stay at home, sanitize, wear masks, avoid contact.
14 days, another 14 days, we stay at home, work at home, crowded and vibrant cities are empty, everyone stayed at home in a self-quarantine.

Almost everyone here cooperated and did our own part. Everyone did its best to contain the spread of the virus. For others, our Chinese behavior seems not understandable, after all, we have 1.4 billion people.
But it works.

Now the virus is spreading rapidly outside China, probably you are experiencing the bad things.
Feels angry and pressure, and don’t know what to do, when it will end.

If danger is a fact, the best thing to do is calm down, try your best to protect yourself and families. Living is winning.