Britain has become a “European Island”! The transhipment of the goods was suspended and the container was rejected! Over 40 countries have blocked its traffic, and trade has been seriously frustrated!

Current logistics situation in the UK

Goods transiting through the UK to other European countries have been returned.
There is news that the destination port of the UK cannot be unloaded, and the container is unloaded by the shipping company in other European ports.

If the imported goods arrive in the UK first and then are transported from the UK to other European countries, it means that these goods will be delayed indefinitely.

Traffic confinement

  • France announced on the evening of the 20th that within 48 hours it will temporarily ban all personnel from the United Kingdom from traveling, including freight personnel traveling by road, rail, air, and water. The transportation of unaccompanied goods from the UK and the travel of people from France to the UK remain normal.
  • Ireland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Spain, Poland and other European countries have suspended flights with the UK.
  • Iran has ordered the suspension of flights from the UK for two weeks, and countries such as Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Turkey have also issued travel restrictions on the UK.
  • Transport Canada stated that inbound flights from the UK will be prohibited from entering the country indefinitely from the 20th, but for safety reasons, this restriction does not apply to cargo flights.
  • Hong Kong will ban flights from the UK from Tuesday (December 22).
  • The governments of Argentina and Chile also announced on the 20th local time that they would suspend flights to and from the UK.