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How to visit EXPO in China

Before the show purpose Find new suppliers See new product trends Meet with old suppliers Collecting Competitor Information Collect information from potential suppliers List of essential items for the [...]

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Source product from China (New + long)

An idea of import comes out Thinking Why should I import? (Profit, competition) Originally, I have been purchasing locally, but in recent years, the cost of procurement has risen, [...]

February 2nd, 2020|

Trade Terms of International trade

A~F 第一组:A ANER  亚洲北美东行运费协定  即Asia North America East bound Rate 第二组:B BAF 燃油附加费,大多数航线都有,但标准不一  Bunker Adjustment Factor B/L 海运提单  Bill of Lading B/R 买价   Buying Rate B/N 海运托运单 第三组:C C.Y. [...]

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