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FHC China 111120 – food, wine, vegetarian meat, coffee, food or drink recycling packing expo in China(2020 new)

FHC China was held in Shanghai China, Nov.10~12th.

The most difference between FHC China 2020 and FHC 2019 are,

  1. More meat, bread, and cake agents and distributors participated.
  2. A few suppliers show their Vegetarian meat. I taste “meat dumplings, 5 tastes of dried beef “but the taste is far away from meat, can easily identify it is not meat.
  3. More recycling packings were found, such as disposable food box, paper straw, steel straw.
  4. Exhibitors show creatives on food name, packing, food culture, etc.
  5. Besides Foreign exhibitors, a street are all Shanghai counterparts help regional agricultural products, helping poor regions to rid of poverty.

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