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2023 Expos in China-Videos

-Visit China Shanghai Paint & Coatings Expo to see the export opportunities of infrastructure products

-Visitng expo in Shanghai China, loss the passport

-Driverless cars, trucks, trailers, municipal sweepers. . . How far is fully unmanned driving from us? BriVisitsFactory will take you to visit WAIC, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, and face the forefront of artificial intelligence. . .

-AI wrote me 2 poems, what kind of poetry propositions are AI not good at Meituan opens the era of drone delivery What’s it like to hug a robot

-Tesla Optimus Prime came to China WAIC for the first time, the Chinese mechanical dog performed somersaults.. Baidu,, Tencent, Alibaba, AntGroup, iFlytek Bri will take you to visit WAIC, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, and face the forefront of artificial intelligence. .

-What’s new products for CBME 2023 Get product inspiration from Children, Baby, Maternity EXPO

-What is the level of China’s chip, what are the upstream and downstream of the chip supply chain, I’ll will take you visit Semicon China’s sorting system, battery trays, foldable trays, CATL’s new products, Jiangling Motors’ JMC new energy vehicle conference, And put the battery in the fish tank…

-On the return trip of this factory visiting business trip, the second-class (economy seat) ticket for the high-speed rail is sold out. So I bought a first-class(business) seat. It’s the first time I took this seat. One word, WOW~

-BriVisitsFactory came to the infrastructure supplier of the Asian Games – the manhole cover factory. There are so many kinds of manhole covers? Are there different materials for manhole covers? How are manhole covers made? Manhole covers can also be 3D printed? Manhole covers still glow? What kind of escape manhole cover? What is a “sponge city”? What is the concept of 7 production lines in the industry? What is the 45 million manhole cover mold like? What does a factory workshop with 200 million equipment really look like? What is the comprehensive pipe gallery of a smart city? Can you really escape?

-Visiting the Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition SNEC2023 PV power expo. Can photovoltaic panels follow the light? Photovoltaic panels can be placed on the water? How can solar power generate electricity? And solar power with double-sided power generation? What are P-type and N-type? Photovoltaic panels can become walls? What, there is also a concept solar cell? The streamer got pissed off?

-Visiting China Glass Fair in Shanghai, How to make colored glass, how to fix the glass and glass, how to cut the glass, how to pattern the glass, how to reproduce the mottled mirror in the horror movie?

-Chatting with boss at Apparel fair. Don’t talk apparel, but talk Su Dongpo, Laozi, Feng Shui Bagua, and Li Hongzhang..

-Visiting Shanghai Fashion & Apparel Fair and International Knitting Fair, a visual feast of shows, ready-to-wear, fabrics, and poetry~

-Shanghai FBNB 2023 Food and Beverage New Business Forum

-March 29

-Visit the Shanghai Food Forum 2023 FBNB, the tens of billions of prefabricated dishes market, best experience sharing by leading companies, investors , a lot of take-aways

-The 21th China(Shanghai)International Optics Fair

-April  1 ~3, 2023

-Exploring the Latest products in optical industry, why eyeglasses is so expensive, do we have profit to open a shop, can eyeglasses prevent myopia.

-Shanghai International New Energy Lithium Battery Technology Exhibition & The Shanghai International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo

-March 7 ~9, 2023

-Exploring the Latest Technologies in New Energy Vehicles, Lithium-Ion Batteries and Robotics Arms, and Electronic Mechanicals at the China Shanghai Expo.

Videos 2020

FHC China 111120 – food, wine, vegetarian meat, coffee, food or drink recycling packing expo in China(2020 new)

FHC China was held in Shanghai China, Nov.10~12th.

The most difference between FHC China 2020 and FHC 2019 are,

  1. More meat, bread, and cake agents and distributors participated.
  2. A few suppliers show their Vegetarian meat. I taste “meat dumplings, 5 tastes of dried beef “but the taste is far away from meat, can easily identify it is not meat.
  3. More recycling packings were found, such as disposable food box, paper straw, steel straw.
  4. Exhibitors show creatives on food name, packing, food culture, etc.
  5. Besides Foreign exhibitors, a street are all Shanghai counterparts help regional agricultural products, helping poor regions to rid of poverty.

Videos 2019