Foreign Trade Terminology(Common)2020-02-02T10:24:46+00:00

Trade Terms of International trade

The list will be from A to Y.

I will list the most common use here. The complete PDF list will be found in the bottom

  • MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity

  • Delivery time

  • G.W: Gross weight

  • N.W.: Net weight

  • CBM: Cubic meter

  • PCE/PCS: Piece/pieces

  • PKG/PKGS: Package/ packages

  • CTN/CTNS: Carton/ Carton

  • Container

    • size: 20FT container inner size= 5.89mx2.32mx2.31m,can hold 20ton, 31.5cbm

    • size: 40FT container inner size= 12.01mx2.33mx2.15m, can hold 30.4ton, 65cbm

    • size: 40HQ container inner size=12.05mx2.12mx1.96m, can hold 36ton, 50cbm

  • FOB: Free on board (you can see Fob Shanghai, Fob Ningbo, )

  • CIF: Cost, Insurance, Freight

  • CFR/C&F/CNF: Cost, Freight

  • T/T :Telegram transit 

  • L/C: Letter of Credit

  • DOC : documents

  • B/L : Bill of Lading

    •  FCL: Full container cargo load

    • LCL: Less than one container cargo load

    • POD: Port of destination

    • POL: Port of lading

    • CNEE Consignee

    • Shipper

  • INV : invoice

  • P/L: Packing list

  • C/O: Certificate of Origin