China's machine products Three features

Price competitive| Quality stability | Upgrade speedily

Read this before you order machine from China

  • The most important considerations are after sales and quality! Believe me, if the machine is broken for three days and two ends, your business will be greatly affected.

  • Most factories do not have a clear installation guide, most of them provide you with videos or text instructions.

  • Most factories don’t speak English,

  • Be sure to find a salesperson who knows the technology, or actively cooperate with the sales you are willing to help you. In this way, he can help you solve any problems you encounter quickly, otherwise, you have not installed the machine before you start making money. The torture is no longer human.

  • Machines generally only provide two languages, Chinese and English

  • Transformers and air compressors need to be purchased separately. The machine itself does not provide these.

  • There is no uniform price standard for machinery products. Replacement of spare parts, increase or decrease will affect the price of the machine.

  • The voltage in China is 240V 50hz, and the industry is 380V. Generally, the factory or supplier will confirm your current country and voltage with you, but if you are a new factory or a novice who is just doing foreign trade, you have not confirmed with you carelessly, and will directly send you the voltage according to China. You need to bring your own transformer

  • Mechanical products will provide paid on-site installation services for masters, and you need to bear round-trip air tickets + accommodation + a little service fee.

Below machines are some of machines I’d like to recommend.

Production Line

Paper related machines

Sealing machines

Filling machines

Packing machines