City in China Open rate
Sichuan Until Feb.13th, 5179 entrepreneurs are opening, open rate goes to 35.6%
Government enterprise open rate reach to 79.7%
Factories of life necessities (grains, oil, meat, feed)Open rate is 52.9%
Shandong Until Feb 15th, 20276 entreprises are opening, reach 71.5%. Back to working staff reach 2.616m people, the rate is 49.1%.
The traffic project opening rate is over 60%
Liaoning Until Feb.13th, entreprise opening rate goes to 57.7%. Among it, the electric industry is the highest, reaching 67.5%, medication industry take the second place, reach 67.1%
Guangdong Foshan, more than 12000 industries and trade companies open, 0.6m workers and staffs recover working. Nearly 50% of entreprise open.
Shanghai The opening rate is 70%. Software industry recover 80%
Beijing 90% of companies in CBD has open, 90% of the companies are in International finance, high-end business services, cultural media
Jiangsu Until Feb 16th, 29230 industries corporation open, rate reach to 65%, higher 15%
Jinagxi Until Feb. 13th, agricultural corporations’ open rate goes to 72.8%, among them, the most large scale of rice processing company has open.
pig slaughter enterprises take 71.9%, Feed production enterprises take 71.6%
Hunan Until Feb 16th, 6995 scale industry enterprises open, open rate is 42.3%, 0.6588 million workers and staffs recover working
Anhui Until Feb 16th,7288 scale industry enterprises open, the rate is 40.4%. Among them, 50% enterprises open in Xuancheng, Huangshan, Chuzhou, Wuhu, Tongling, Hefei
Zhejiang Until Feb 16th, over 50% scale industry open. There is 179 large project restart.