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01 Italy extends state of emergency When the epidemic in many European countries showed signs of rebound, Italy, the "severely affected area", made a decisive decision to extend the national emergency. On July 28, three days before the end of the originally scheduled state of emergency, Italian Prime Minister Conte announced that the state of emergency would be extended to October 15. In response to the epidemic, Italy has implemented a six-month national emergency from January 31. During this period, Italy has experienced lockdowns across the country and has extended the lockdown measures several times, including shops, attractions [...]

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Chinese stay-at-home stylists boost sales of hair clippers

While most hair salons remain closed and people have been confined to their homes either by choice or required mid the novel coronavirus outbreak, many Chinese have turned themselves into hairstylists, which has also boosted the sale of hair clippers. According to a report released by e-commerce plateform Pinduoduo Wednesday, hair-cutting devices, eggbeaters, yoga mats and pajamas are among the most -searched items during the coronavirus epidemic. China will mark the Longtaitou(dragon raises head) day on Monday, as many Chinese tradtional believe that a new hairdo on the day will bring good luck."

The Factories in China restarting rate exceeds 40%

  City in China Open rate Sichuan Until Feb.13th, 5179 entrepreneurs are opening, open rate goes to 35.6% Government enterprise open rate reach to 79.7% Factories of life necessities (grains, oil, meat, feed)Open rate is 52.9% Shandong Until Feb 15th, 20276 entreprises are opening, reach 71.5%. Back to working staff reach 2.616m people, the rate is 49.1%. The traffic project opening rate is over 60% Liaoning Until Feb.13th, entreprise opening rate goes to 57.7%. Among it, the electric industry is the highest, reaching 67.5%, medication industry take the second place, reach 67.1% Guangdong Foshan, more than 12000 [...]

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