1. StrategyAnalytics: In 2020, the number of global shared car fleets will increase by 31.7% year-on-year, and the number of members will increase by 38%. However, due to COVID-19, earnings fell by 14%. It is estimated that by the end of 2025, the compound annual growth rate of fleet size and revenue will reach 8.8% and 8.3%, respectively, and fleet revenue will exceed US$5.6bn, and more and more electric vehicles will dominate.

2. China Automobile Association: From January to October, the production and sales of automobiles were 19.519 million and 19.699 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 4.6% and 4.7% respectively. In October, the production and sales of automobiles completed 2.552 million and 2.573 million respectively, an increase of 11% and 12.5% ​​respectively year-on-year. Among them, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 167,000 and 160,000 units, respectively, up 69.7% and 104.5% year-on-year.

3. China Automobile Association: In October, the installed capacity of power batteries in China was 5.9GWh, a year-on-year increase of 44% and a month-on-month decrease of 10.8%. Among them, a total of 3.4GWh of ternary batteries were installed, an increase of 15.7% year-on-year, and a decrease of 19.1% from the previous month; a total of 2.4GWh of lithium iron phosphate batteries were installed, an increase of 127.5% year-on-year and an increase of 3.5% from the previous month.

4. 2020 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference: “Intelligent Connected Vehicles Technology Roadmap 2.0” will be released on-site, introducing the development route, vision, and strategic goals of intelligent connected vehicles. By 2035, China’s smart networked vehicle technology and industrial system will be fully completed, the industrial ecology will be sound and complete, and the networked highly automated driving networked vehicle will be applied on a large scale.

5. Musk: Tesla is currently developing a third-generation vaccine printer for the German vaccine company CureVac. I believe this will be a “very important product to the world.” Previously, Tesla has become a manufacturing partner of German vaccine company CureVac, which is developing a new coronavirus vaccine based on RNA technology.

6. Techweb: Apple is testing a foldable display, which is expected to be released around November 2022. It is not yet confirmed which display technology Apple will use on the foldable iPhone, but if everything goes according to plan, it may take three to four years to switch to micrOLED. According to reports, the folding iPhone starts at $1499.