1. Evergrande Motors: The two major production bases in Shanghai and Guangzhou have officially launched trial production recently, and will be able to produce 1 car/min after full production. “Hengchi” series models are expected to begin mass production in the second half of next year. According to the plan, the annual production capacity will be about 1 million vehicles by 2025 and 5 million vehicles by 2035.

2. According to a study conducted by ArabClicks, 73% of the population is shopping online, and 35% of shoppers are looking for coupons and discounts to increase purchase rates.
During the “November Hot Sale Season”, Morocco’s sales increased by 353%. Egypt is expected to grow by 940%, and Saudi Arabia’s sales will grow by 1250%. The UAE also recorded a growth of 1913%, with an average expenditure per capita of Dh1,068. During the “November Hot Sale Season” campaign, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Jordan are expected to increase sales by 253%, 391%, and 886% respectively.

3. China Securities Journal: A study in the journal Nature Communications proposed an ultra-thin interactive holographic display that allows viewers to watch high-resolution 3D videos from multiple angles. The research uses a 10.1-inch ultra-high-definition commercial LCD display to achieve the world’s first ultra-thin full-color holographic video display, and the holographic video processor can be easily embedded in the smartphone application processor. According to authoritative estimates, the penetration rate of the naked-eye 3D market will reach over 50% in the future.

4. China Post Office: From November 1st to 11th, the national postal and express companies handled a total of 3.965 billion express, of which a total of 675 million expresses were processed on November 11, a year-on-year increase of 26.16%, a record high.

5. The major manufacturers of titanium dioxide indicate that they will increase again at a certain time, and the range may be US$90~150/ton.
On November 11, the price of titanium concentrate was US$300/ton, an increase of 40% compared with September’s US$250/ton. This year, the output of domestic titanium concentrates has decreased, and it is difficult to import titanium concentrates. Coupled with the stimulation of price increases in the downstream titanium dioxide industry, the price of titanium concentrates continued to rise in Q3, reaching the highest level in history. The price of titanium concentrate is expected to continue to rise.
(Remarks: Titanium concentrate is used as raw material for the production of titanium dioxide.)

6. Baichuan Information: According to the environmental protection requirements of atmospheric monitoring in autumn and winter, yellow phosphorous enterprises in some areas have reduced production, stopped furnaces, and suspended orders, making the yellow phosphorous spot tight. It is expected that there will be bullish expectations for yellow phosphorus in the short term.

7. App Annie: By 2021, user spending in mobile games will exceed US$120 billion; global mobile advertising spending will jump to US$290 billion, a 2-year compound annual growth rate of 21%. In addition, it is expected that there will be no large-scale industry consolidation next year, and competition is still very fierce. This is a viable option for smaller players in this field.

8. TrendForce Consulting: In 2020, Apple MacBook shipments are expected to reach 15.5 million units, an annual growth of 23.1%. At the same time, supported by Apple’s new Mac series of laptops released on November 11 and Apple Silicon M1 processor, it is estimated that MacBook shipments in 2021 will hit a record high with 17.1 million units, an annual increase of more than 10%.

9. Qualcomm: In the next three to five years, 5G will be an important technology to boost the global economy. At present, more than 95 operators worldwide are deploying 5G networks, and more than 300 operators are investing in 5G. It is estimated that global 5G mobile phone shipments will exceed 750 million units in 2022; the number of global 5G connections is expected to exceed 1 billion by 2025. It will reach 2.8 billion annually.

10. Boeing: China is expected to become the world’s largest aviation market. Chinese airlines will purchase 8,600 new aircraft within 20 years.