1. WHO: 18.3% of deaths from COVID-19 in Africa are patients with diabetes. Diabetes patients infected with the COVID-19 virus face a higher risk of serious illness and death, and people 60 years and older face a greater risk. People with this chronic disease will suffer a double blow if they are also infected with COVID-19.

2. Securities Times: Shanghai Autonomous Driving Test Road added 404 kms, with a total mileage of 530.57 kms, including 315 kms in Jiading District, 118.2 kms in Lingang New Area of Free Trade Zone, and 97.37 kms in Fengxian District. As of November 13, Shanghai has issued 119 test licenses to 20 companies. The number of test companies and licenses ranks first in the country. The road test mileage exceeds 650,000 kms and the cumulative test time is 28,000 hours.

3. General Manager of TikTok’s European Business: In September, monthly active users in Europe reached 100 million, which is equivalent to the number of users in the US market. The European team is continuing to expand. There are currently more than 1,000 employees and will continue to recruit in the future. This year, TikTok posted more than 200 job vacancies in London and Dublin.

4. Daimler and Beiqi Foton will invest US$415.3m to produce Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy trucks in China for the first time. The two parties plan to renovate the plant of the joint venture Beijing Foton Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd. in Beijing to add a production line with an annual production capacity of 50,000 Actros.

5. Ideal car deliver 8660 cars in Q3, estimated deliver 11,000 and 12,000 cars in Q4, an increase of 27%-38.6% from the previous quarter; operating income is US$380m, and the market is expected to be US$291.4m; The net loss was $16.2m, and the market expected a loss of US$75.7m.