In 2019, China’s per capita GDP reached US$10,276, breaking the US$10,000 mark. With the increase of income and accumulation of wealth, the consumption of education, entertainment, tourism and other services focused on development and enjoyment will continue to grow.

2019 Top 10 Growth Rate of New Business Types of Life Service Industry

Paid study room
Indoor cute pet interaction
Hanfu Experience Hall
Hair transplant
Formaldehyde detection
Light medical beauty
Secret room
Fresh retail

(付费自习室,室内萌宠互动, 汉服体验馆, 植发, 甲醛检测,蹦床, 轻医美, 民宿,密室,生鲜零售)

Not only the transaction volume is growing rapidly, but also the industry model and type are constantly innovating.
Upgrade from traditional cats and dogs to “exotic animals”, such as cole ducks, little pigs, African mini hedgehogs, and more. During the business hours of small animals, you can spend 2 hours of experience time with cute pets as long as supplemented by the cost of coffee.

These new industries have spawned new careers

Occupations that have been included in the national “Occupation Ceremony”

Elderly Ability Assessor
Online delivery staff
Internet marketing division
Online learning service division

(老年人能力评估师, 网约配送员, 互联放营销师, 在线学习服务师)

Occupations of a certain scale that have not been included in the National Vocational Dictionary

Digital Operator
Internet online education trainer
Secret Chamber Designer

(数字化运营师, 互联网在线教育培训师, 密室设计师, 收纳师)

The occupation that has not yet formed a scale but has shown a good development trend

VR instructor
Community group-buying leader
Private film industry viewing consultant
Copyright buyer
The party housekeeper
Package designer/calorie planner in the light food industry
Milk tea taster
Pet baker


Among them, 36% of employees earn more than US$1360/month, and 21% of employees earn more than US$1800/month.