1. Changan Automobile: The company is working with Huawei and Ningde to build a new high-end smart car brand. The first product jointly created by them is about to enter the mass production stage. At the same time, as the evolutionary carrier of Changan Automobile’s new car-making technology, the Ark architecture made its debut.

2. China Net: Tesla’s supercharging pile network has recently expanded rapidly, and it has just opened the world’s largest new charging station, making the company’s supercharging pile network reach a new milestone. This new charging station deploys 56 charging piles and is located in CA, USA.

3. China Youth Daily: It is learned from the industry that ultra-low temperature storage refrigerators in the United States have been out of stock, and some Chinese companies have seen a sharp increase in product orders. Related medical-grade products that meet the requirements of vaccine storage and transportation will face a serious shortage of supply in the short term. Some executives in the cryogenic storage industry said that many companies in the industry, including Fosun Pharma and Haier Biotechnology, have contacted them to discuss potential vaccine cryogenic storage solutions.

4. Foshan: Printing and distributing the “Foshan City Implementation Plan on Further Strengthening Plastic Pollution Control”. By the end of 2020, the city’s party and government agencies, state-owned enterprises and other unit canteens will take the lead to stop using non-degradable plastic bags; by the end of 2022, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places in the city’s urban built-up areas, as well as catering packaging take-out services and various exhibition activities, are prohibited from using non-degradable plastic bags. For degradable plastic bags, the market regulates and restricts the use of non-degradable plastic bags.

5. The website of the US “Foreign Policy” magazine pointed out that the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the United States has reached the level of a “huge disaster”, but the US government has not paid enough attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic. The Kaiser Family Foundation of the United States has been drawing a map of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the United States. They have marked the severely affected areas in red. At present, 49 of the 50 states in the United States have been marked in red.

6. The Austrian government: From November 17th, the nationwide “blockade” measures will be upgraded to contain the new crown epidemic. The upgrade measures mainly include the closure of all commercial facilities, except for industries that guarantee basic living supplies such as supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, and post offices; all companies arrange for employees to work at home as far as possible; expand the scope of “foot-free”, and residents are not allowed to leave their residences all day unless necessary; All elementary schools are converted to distance learning.