1. Reuters: As Pfizer’s Coronavirus vaccine requires storage in minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit (-70 degrees Celsius), major hospitals have begun to panic buying freezers, and the general standard for vaccine storage temperature is between minus 36 degrees and 46 degrees . Some freezer manufacturers warn that it will take a long time to wait for specialized freezing equipment.
  2. China State Post Bureau: More than 70 billion packages have been delivered in China so far, reaching a new annual record. In recent years, the volume of express delivery in China has grown rapidly. From November 1 to 11,2020, postal and express delivery companies across the country handled 3.965 billion express items. At present, 80% of China’s paper express packaging materials can be recycled, while plastic express packaging waste is not effectively used due to its low recycling value.
  3. In Q3 2020, Japan’s GDP increased by 5% from the previous month, which is estimated to be 4.4%; the annual rate of increase was 21.4%, which is estimated to be 18.9%.
    Within the RCEP framework, Japan will exempt more than 80% of imported goods from tariffs, but will continue to impose restrictions on five important goods including rice and beef. Japan’s exports, including electric vehicle engines, battery parts and steel products, will receive 86% of China’s import tariff exemptions, South Korea’s 83%, and ASEAN countries’ 86% to 100%. The abolition of tariffs on auto parts is undoubtedly a huge benefit for Japanese automakers.
  4. Huawei to sell all Honor business assets