• India: A small amount of crude oil has been raised, and the export tax of diesel is lowered. The huge profit tax of crude oil has increased from 4,350 rupees per ton to 4,400 rupees (about 53.87 US dollars), and it takes effect immediately, while diesel export tax decreases from 1.5 rupees to 0.5 rupees per liter. The Indian government has also canceled the huge profit tax of aviation turbine fuel per liter of 1.5 rupees.


  • CLS: The price of molybdenum钼 fell nearly 20%after a 17 -year high. The upstream mineral side has made a lot of money, and the downstream part of the stainless steel mill has been greatly reduced by the price pressure.
  • Canalys: The shipment of folding mobile phone(折叠手机) in 2022 was 14.2 million units, of which Samsung’s shipments were close to 12 million units. Huawei’s foldable mobile phone shipments are less than 2 million, while OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and Honor’s shipments in 2022 are less than 1 million units. Motorola’s shipments are about 40,000 units.


  • Geely Li Shufu: The entire cycle utilization capacity of China’s new energy vehicle industry is increasing. For example, in terms of recycling and utilization of lithium ion batteries, China’s recycling level is very high, and the recovery rate of nickel and lithium is more than 95%, which is very green and environmentally friendly. As China’s new energy vehicles have continued to expand and technology are continuously improved, production costs are also declining, and consumer experiences are getting better and better.
  • Chairman of China Broadcasting Nuclear: Under the neutralization of carbon and  carbon, the proportion of nuclear power generation in 2030 and 2050 was calculated by 10%and 18%, respectively, nuclear power must reach at least 150 million kilowatts and 380 million kilowatts. In this calculation, the development of nuclear power needs to be appropriately increased, and in the next ten years, we must maintain the development of more than 10 nuclear power units per year in the next ten years.
  • Securities Times: The first China International (Foshan) prefabricated vegetable industry conference was held in Foshan, Guangdong from March 3rd to 5th. The theme of the conference with the theme of “Chinese prefabrication, feast global” attracted about 800 prefabricated vegetable companies to participate in the exhibition, and promoted the prefabricated vegetable industry to trillions.


  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural: The current spring plowing fertilizer(耕作肥料) is advancing in an orderly manner, with the provincial level in place nearly 70 %. According to the scheduling of agricultural capital insurance for agricultural and rural areas, as of the end of February, the in place rates of provincial, municipal, and county -level chemical fertilizers were 69.5%, 62.5%, and 62.1%, respectively, all of which were almost the same period last year. The supply of major fertilizers is stable and can meet the needs of spring farming and the need for fertilizer.
  • Thepapercn澎湃新闻: In February, the scale of local bond地方债 issuance was 576.138 billion yuan. In terms of new bonds, the scale of new local bonds was 441.916 billion yuan. The new special debt is mainly used for the construction of infrastructure and shantytowns in urban and rural, municipal and industrial parks(城乡、市政和产业园区基础设施建设与棚户区改造). From the perspective of provinces and major cities, the number of local bond issuance in Hebei Province is the highest, with a total of 102.673 billion yuan.
  • China Tourism Academy (CTA China): In the Spring Festival this year, the number of domestic travels reached 308 million, creating 375.8 billion yuan in tourism revenue. Not long ago, China and Maldives signed a mutual exemption agreement. At present, China has signed an mutual exemption agreement with 150 countries.


  • TSMC: In order to meet the needs of business growth and technological development, it is expected to recruit more than 6,000 new employees in 2023, of which the average overall annual salary of new engineers of the new engineer of the master’s degree is NT $ 2 million.
  • TSMC: The revenue contributed by the largest customer last year reached 17.3 billion US dollars, a year -on -year increase of more than 30%. However, the proportion of TSMC’s wafer foundry revenue last year declined, from 26%of the previous year to 23%.
  • Sony: A camera was released on March 24, which has the function of easily taking pictures of visual obstacles that allow wearing glasses and other visual obstacles. This product combines the technology of QDLASER -related enterprises in Japan, which can directly project the image captured by the camera to the retina. People with poor vision can also identify clear images.
  • Google: AI chat robot Bard is not just a search.


  • Japan: In the spring salary negotiations, the union demands the largest salary increase in 25 years. At the same time, the central bank urges enterprises to raise workers’ wages to support the economy. This year, the union required an average of 4.49%of the salary increase, which was the highest since 4.36%in 1998.
  • The United Nations Summit was held in Doha, the capital of the United Nations. The Secretary -General of the United Nations and the leaders or representatives from 46 the least developed countries around the world attended the meeting. The meeting will conduct negotiation dialogue on eliminating poverty, climate change, and scientific and technological innovation. As of March 2023, a total of 46 countries around the world have been listed as the least developed countries by the United Nations, including 33 of which are located in Africa.