• British Airways is using 35% renewable fuel for the first transatlantic flight this year; Airbus has successfully completed several tests to provide 100% sustainable aviation fuel for its different types of aircraft;Singapore Airlines has decided to use sustainable aviation fuel on all of its flights from Singapore starting in the third quarter of 2022.
  • The National Association for Business Economics美国全国商业经济协会: According to the survey of 60 member companies from January 4 to 11, 2023, about one-third of the companies surveyed said they were not facing any labor shortages, nearly 20% of the surveyed companies expect the number of employees to decline in the next three months, only 12% of respondents expect headcount to increase in the next three months.


  • China Association of Automobile Manufacturers中汽协: With the development of new energy vehicles and the gradual emergence of the advantages of the range-extending technology route(增程式技术), more and more domestic automakers have begun to deploy range-extending products. In 2022, the sales of domestic extended-range electric vehicles will further increase. It is estimated that by 2025, the sales volume of extended-range electric vehicles is expected to exceed 500,000.(PS.增程式电动车=REEV=Range Extended Electric Vehicle: An electric vehicle that can achieve all its power performance in pure electric mode, and when the on-board rechargeable energy storage system cannot meet the cruising range requirements, turn on the on-board auxiliary power supply device to provide electric energy for the power system to extend the cruising range. And the on-board auxiliary power supply device and the drive system do not have transmission connections such as transmission shafts /belts)
  • CEO of Ctrip Group Tour: Resume the pilot operation of national travel agencies and online travel companies, the search volume of outbound group products on the platform increased by 5 times in an instant, driven by a 330% increase in the popularity of overseas destinations, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia are the most searched.
  • Fliggy: As of 24:00 on January 22, 2023, the booking volume of travel products during the Spring Festival holiday hit a three-year high. On New Year’s Eve and the first two days of the new year, domestic air ticket orders increased by more than 60% year-on-year, high-star hotel orders increased by more than 100% year-on-year, and homestay orders increased by nearly 200% year-on-year. Among them, Dali, Lijiang, Xiamen, Sanya, and Hangzhou are during the New Year Most popular cities for B&B bookings.
  • Maoyan Professional Edition(猫眼专业版): In 2023, the total box office (including pre-sales) of Spring Festival movies will exceed 2 billion yuan. As of 10:49 on January 23, 2023, “The Wandering Earth 2流浪地球2”, “Full River Red”, and “Hidden Blade无名” ranked the top three at the Spring Festival box office, with real-time box office of 665 million yuan, 601 million yuan, and 220 million yuan respectively.


  • Economic View中新经纬: On January 22, 2023 (the 16th day of the Spring Festival travel season), a total of 17.052 million passengers were sent by railways, highways, waterways, and civil aviation across the country, a decrease of 35.0% from the previous month, a decrease of 51.5% from the same period in 2019, and an increase of 49.6% from the same period in 2022.
  • The Paper澎湃新闻: Three days before the Spring Festival, Shanghai received 4.4126 million tourists. Affected by the continuous rainy weather, on January 23, 2023, Shanghai received 1.5084 million tourists, a year-on-year decrease of 14.39%. During the Spring Festival, performance consumption in Shanghai showed a sharp rebound. The total number of sessions scheduled for the 7 days of the Spring Festival reached 602, a year-on-year increase of 32%.
  • Zhejiang Daily: Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area杭州西湖 received 306,100 passengers on January 22, 2023 (the first day of the new year), a year-on-year increase of 362.39%, and recovered to 62.42% of the pre-epidemic (2019) period.
  • Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province(西安): In order to ensure the safety of tourists and a good tour experience, starting from January 23, 2023, many scenic spots such as Xi’an City Wall Scenic Area西安城墙景区, Datang Everbright City大唐不夜城, Datang Paradise大唐芙蓉园 and other scenic spots will adopt temporary flow restriction measures or performance time adjustment measures . Various scenic spots advocate citizens to choose staggered peak travel as much as possible, so that guests from afar can have the opportunity to better experience the charm of Xi’an.


  • JPMorgan Chase摩根大通, Bank of America美国银行 and others are planning to launch a digital wallet that shoppers can use to make online payments in a challenge to PayPal and Apple Pay.
  • NetEase网易: Released “NetEase’s Farewell Letter to Blizzard National Server Players: Thank You for Being Together for 14 Years”, officially announcing that Blizzard’s game will be discontinued. At 00:00 on January 24, 2023, all operations of series products such as “World of Warcraft” and “Hearthstone” represented by Netease in the Chinese mainland market will be officially terminated. Blizzard will close the login and all game servers, and close the client download at the same time.
  • China Eastern Airlines东航: This year’s Spring Festival, China Eastern Airlines’ flight volume has achieved restorative growth, which is a significant increase in passenger volume compared with the same period last year. The passenger seat-kilometer capacity resources planned by China Eastern Airlines during the Spring Festival this year have recovered to 87% of the level in the same period in 2019. During the 7 days of the Spring Festival, China Eastern Airlines plans to operate about 18,000 flights. Two days before New Year’s Eve, 266,000 passengers were transported, reaching the peak of travel before the festival.


  • Mongolian Meteorological and Environmental Monitoring Bureau蒙古国气象与环境监测局: On the night of January 22, Bayantes County, Zabhan Province encountered the coldest weather in five years, with the lowest temperature reaching minus 50 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in the central area of the capital Ulaanbaatar reached minus 35 degrees Celsius. Celsius, the temperature in the Tula River area in the southern suburbs of Ulaanbaatar reached minus 41 degrees Celsius.
  • IMF: Japan, which ranks third in nominal GDP (forecast value) in 2022, will have a nominal GDP of US$4.3006 trillion by 2023, while Germany will have a nominal GDP of US$4.311 trillion. Japan’s nominal GDP may be overtaken by Germany as early as 2023, dropping to fourth place in the world.
  • Brazil and Argentina are expected to announce this week the start of preparations for the creation of a common currency to boost regional trade and reduce reliance on the dollar. According to the idea, Brazil and Argentina will create a common currency, and other Latin American countries will be invited to join in the future.