• Dengta Professional Edition(灯塔专业版): At 16:48 on January 22, 2023, the total box office (including pre-sale) of the Spring Festival stalls exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, and the box office of “The Wandering Earth 2《流浪地球2》” and “Full River Red《满江红》” both exceeded 400 million yuan. As of 12:31, the box office of the movie “Bear Infested: Stay with Me “Bear Core《熊出没·伴我“熊芯”》” exceeded 106 million, setting a record for the box office on the premiere day and single-day box office of an animated film during the Spring Festival in Chinese film history. Up to now, there have been 4 movies in the Spring Festival file of the Year of the Rabbit that have exceeded 100 million yuan.
  • Huazhu Group华住集团: As of January 18, 2023, hotel reservation data in various places has increased significantly, especially in popular tourist destinations. Taking the 7-day Spring Festival holiday as an example, the reservation rate of Wanning in Hainan (海南万宁)exceeds 80%, that of Xishuangbanna(西双版纳) exceeds 75%, and that of popular business districts such as Shamian (广州沙面) and Shangxiajiu in Guangzhou(广州上下九) exceeds 73%. It is expected to continue to grow.
  • Quna去哪网: Since New Year’s Day in 2023, ticket bookings for theme parks across the country have increased by 6.6 times month-on-month and nearly doubled year-on-year. Among them, bookings for popular theme parks increased most significantly. Ticket bookings for Beijing Universal Resort(北京环球度假区), Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park(上海海昌海洋公园), and Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort (广州长隆旅游度假区)increased by more than 19 times, 16 times and 23 times respectively compared with the same period last month.


  • CCTV: On January 21, the 15th day of the Spring Festival travel rush, a total of 26.234 million passengers were transported by railways, highways, waterways, and civil aviation across the country, a decrease of 41.0% from the previous month, a decrease of 49.5% from the same period in 2019, and an increase of 50.8% from the same period in 2022.
  • CCTV News: This year’s Spring Festival travel passenger flow has rebounded significantly, and the data in the Qiongzhou Strait(琼州海峡) has hit new highs. As of January 21, a total of 1.444 million passengers entered and exited the island, an increase of 50.35% year-on-year in 2022, and an increase of 13.25% compared with 2019; The highest peak in history for 5 years.
  • Heilongjiang Province: At 7:00 on January 22, 2023, the lowest temperature measured at the Jintao Meteorological Station in Amur Town, Mohe City, Greater Khingan Mountains(大兴安岭地区漠河市阿木尔镇劲涛气象站) was -53°C, breaking through the historical extreme value of -52.3°C in Mohe City (appeared in 1969), breaking the record in China The lowest temperature record in history since meteorological records began.
  • Chen Guoji, Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: On January 22, after the launch of a number of talent admission schemes, high-end talents from the Mainland and foreign countries applied to come to Hong Kong one after another. In the first two weeks, about 5,800 applications were received, and the annual salary was 2.5 million Hong Kong dollars or above. of more than 800 people.
  • Xinhua News Agency: In 2022, China Development Bank will increase investment and financing support for the real economy and optimize the credit structure. By the end of 2022, the group’s total assets was 18.3 trillion yuan, and loans in domestic and foreign currencies and on-loans to small and micro enterprises exceeded 3 trillion yuan throughout the year. The balance of RMB loans increased by 1.06 trillion yuan, and both loan issuance and balance increase hit new highs.
  • On January 22, the 300th 400,000-ton large mining ship “Mingye(明业)” that berthed at the 400,000 Wharf in Dongjiakou Port Area of Qingdao Port successfully completed and departed. The coastal ports across the country have become veritable “large ship’s homeports大船母港”. It is understood that during the Spring Festival in 2023, it is expected that there will be 17 foreign trade ships calling at Dongjiakou Port.


  • Sugon: In the recent hit movie “The Wandering Earth 2”, the “Future Space Center Computer” “played” by Sugon’s products can realize the integration and scheduling of global complex computing resources to meet the needs of tens of thousands of engines for coordinated operation and support the computing power required for the “Digital Life” plan. The “Technology” computer is actually derived from the “cylinder type” immersion liquid cooling computer that Sugon has not yet released.
  • Geely Automobile: With the exposure of new energy models, the Geely brand officially announced that it will soon launch a mid-to-high-end new energy series.
  • Yahua Group雅化集团: At present, it is not possible to know the production capacity contribution of the second phase of Ya’an Lithium Industry in the first quarter; the price of lithium ore purchased by the company fluctuates with the market price; in order to achieve the goal of self-sufficiency in lithium resources of 50% in 2025, it has been actively deploying lithium resources .
  • Binance币安: Signature Bank will only process user transactions over $100,000 as it begins to cut back on digital asset marketplace operations.
  • American chip manufacturer Wolfspeed: plans to cooperate with German auto parts supplier ZF to spend more than 2 billion euros to build a factory in Saarland, Germany. It is reported that the plant is expected to be put into operation within 4 years and is expected to become the world’s largest silicon carbide semiconductor plant. ZF will hold a minority stake in the plant.
  • CLS财联社: It is reported that Apple has reduced non-seasonal employees in retail channels other than the Apple Store. Layoff emails have been sent to Apple retail channel employees working in stores such as Bestbuy, informing them of their rights. It’s unclear exactly how many non-seasonal employees are affected, but this could be the start of Apple’s layoffs.
  • Microsoft: AltspaceVR, the virtual reality social platform acquired by the company in 2017, will be shut down on March 10, 2023, and will devote more resources to its mixed reality platform Microsoft Mesh. It’s unclear if Microsoft intends to integrate this product into other VR projects, or to abandon the project altogether.


  • The Ministry of Environment of South Korea: Encourage people to consume environmentally friendly products by exchanging “carbon neutral points” for cash. People who bring their own containers when buying food, rent out zero-emission vehicles, etc., will receive up to 2,000 won in “carbon neutral points.” South Korea currently has four large chain coffee brands participating in the project.
  • Heavy snow has already caused large-scale power outages and traffic accidents in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. More than 100,000 households in Poland were temporarily without power. Most of the outages were caused by trees falling on power lines. Slovakia also saw thousands of homes without power due to the weather, and police reported multiple weather-related accidents.
  • CLS: The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Luxembourg are urging the EU to set a deadline for new trucks and buses sold in Europe to be carbon-neutral, and the European Commission says it will propose tougher heavy-goods vehicle carbon dioxide emissions standards next month , in line with the EU’s climate change goals.