Trade alert

  • Trichloroisocyanuric acid(三氯异氰尿酸): The United States made the third anti-dumping sunset review final judgment on industry damage. The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) recently voted to make the third anti-dumping sunset review of trichloroisocyanuric acid imported from China and Spain. Substantial injury to the domestic industry caused by the importation of the product may continue or reoccur. According to the final ruling, the current anti-dumping measures in this case will continue to be effective.


  • Philippines: Import tariffs on electric vehicles(EV) are about to be cut. In the next five years, the most-favored-nation tariff on imports of fully assembled electric vehicles in the Philippines will be temporarily reduced to zero, and the import tariff on some electric vehicle parts will be reduced from 5% to 1%. The duty-free scope includes electric passenger cars, buses, mini-buses, vans, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., except for hybrid-type EVs.
  • India: Cancel tariff increase on steel exports.
  • Nepal: Cancellation of cash deposit for construction material imports. According to a report by Nepal’s “Republic” on December 3, the Central Bank of Nepal (NRB) has canceled the import of materials such as ceramic tiles(瓷砖), marble(大理石), granite(花岗岩), slate(石板), stone(石头), ceramics(陶瓷), asphalt(沥青), bricks and roofing materials(砖及屋顶材料), public building materials(公共建筑材料), aircraft and stadium seats(飞机和体育场座椅). Mandatory cash deposit, while opening letters of credit(L/C) to importers.
  • Three Departments: Further expand the regional scope of second-hand car export business. According to news from the website of the Ministry of Commerce on December 6, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security, and the General Administration of Customs issued a notice on further expanding the scope of regions for exporting second-hand cars. The notice pointed out that in order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the State Council on the export of second-hand cars, actively and orderly expand the export of second-hand cars, and promote the stability and quality of foreign trade, after research, it was decided to add 14 new regions to carry out second-hand car export business.


  • IATA(International Air Transport Association): It is expected that European airlines will make a profit of US$621 million in 2023; the global airline loss forecast will be reduced to US$6.9 billion in 2022, which was previously expected to be a loss of US$9.7 billion; airlines in the Asia-Pacific region are expected to lose US$6.6 billion in 2023 Dollar.
  • Semiconductor Industry Association: Global semiconductor industry sales in October 2022 is $46.9 billion, down slightly 0.3% from $47.0 billion in September 2022 and down 4.6% from a total of $49.1 billion in October 2021.
  • Clarkson: In November, the global new ship orders amounted to 2.86 million revised gross tons, of which South Korean shipping companies undertook 1.08 million revised gross tons (18 ships), accounting for 38%, ranking second in the world. Chinese shipping companies undertook 1.56 million revised gross tonnage (46 ships), ranking first with a 55% share.
  • International Energy Agency: Global renewable energy installed capacity will double in the next five years. Global installed capacity is expected to grow by 2,400GW by 2027, an increase of 30% higher than forecast a year ago. The surge in gas and electricity prices this year caused by the global energy crisis bodes well for the attractiveness of renewable energy technologies.


  • China Securities Network: Recently, the price of lithium salt (锂盐)has declined for several consecutive days. Gotion High-Tech(国轩高科), Tianqi Lithium(天齐锂业), Beijing Easpring Material (北京当升材料科技) and other lithium battery industry chain enterprises have announced to increase production capacity.
  • Securities Daily: The spot reference price of fluorite(萤石现货) has risen for several consecutive days. On December 5, it was quoted at 3318.75 yuan/ton. In the long run, with the continuous release of terminal demand, fluorite and its downstream fluorine chemical industry chain will maintain a high boom range.
  • China Securities Network: Recently, self-owned brands such as Great Wall Motors (长城汽车)and BYD(比亚迪)have frequently expanded overseas markets, and the export volume of new energy vehicles has grown rapidly. According to industry insiders, with the intensification of competition in the domestic new energy vehicle market, overseas business is expected to become the second growth curve for Chinese auto companies.
  • China Securities Network: Many places have started staggering production of cement(水泥), and the price of cement has risen slightly. According to the industry, the fourth quarter is the traditional peak season for the cement industry. In addition to driving demand, the reduction in supply brought about by off-peak production is also one of the important factors that boost prices.
  • Everbright Securities: In recent years, the domestic vehicle-to-pile ratio has remained at around 3:1. The European and American markets are the second and third largest charging pile markets in the world, and the ratio of public vehicles to piles is much higher than that in China. The ratio of public vehicles to piles in Europe and the United States is 15:1 and 17:1 respectively, and slow charging is the main vehicle, accounting for 86% and 81% respectively. It is estimated that by 2025, the European and American public charging pile market will be 53.4 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 45.8%. Therefore, with the rapid increase in the sales of new energy vehicles, there is a huge gap in the overseas charging pile market, which is in a stage of rapid growth.
  • Industrial Securities(兴业证券): The charging pile is mainly composed of charging equipment(充电设备), power distribution equipment (配电设备) and management equipment(管理设备). The charging module(充电模块)is the core component of the charging pile charging equipment, which determines the performance and cost of the charging pile. There are many manufacturers of upstream components of charging piles, the industry concentration is not high, there is full competition among enterprises, and the bargaining space for upstream enterprises is limited. The midstream is charging operators and charging pile manufacturers, and the downstream is mainly new energy electric vehicles and charging service operation solutions. Among them, charging pile manufacturers and charging operators are the most important links in the charging pile industry chain. Charging pile operators There is business overlap with the manufacturer, and the business model of many mainstream charging pile companies adopts the integrated production + operation model. With the strong growth of the new energy vehicle(EV) industry, there is currently an imbalance in the ratio of electric vehicles and charging piles in foreign countries, and midstream companies have a lot of room for growth in the future.
  • China’s scientific research cities have risen rapidly in the global rankings, and Beijing remains the first. The British “Nature” supplement “2022 Nature Index – Scientific Research Cities(《2022自然指数-科研城市》)” recently pointed out that China’s scientific research cities are rapidly rising in the global rankings. Beijing once again topped the list of global scientific research cities, Shanghai moved up from fifth place in 2020 to third place, Nanjing and Guangzhou rose from 19th and 42nd in 2015 to 8th and 10th this year. The Chinese scientific research cities that entered the top 20 in the world this year are: Wuhan (No. 11), Hefei (No. 16), Hangzhou (No. 19) and Tianjin (No. 20). Since Beijing overtook the New York metropolitan area to become the top scientific research city in 2016, it has remained in the first place.


  • TSMC(台积电): It will announce the construction of a second factory in Arizona, which will increase TSMC’s investment to $40 billion and is expected to produce 3nm chips in 2026. In addition, the factory under construction will produce more advanced 4nm chips.
  • CNMO: The Vietnamese government said South Korean electronics giants Samsung and LG plan to invest billions more in Vietnam.


  • The American “Orion (猎户座飞船)” spacecraft made another close flyby of the moon and is expected to return to Earth on December 11. The NASA website stated that the “Orion” spacecraft adjusted its flight trajectory at 11:43 U.S. Eastern Time on December 5 and began to return to Earth. When the spacecraft flew over the moon that day, it was 127 kilometers away from the lunar surface, which was the shortest distance from the moon during this orbital flight.
  • Italy’s Central Statistical Office: Italy’s population has dropped below 59 million, and its aging rate is much higher than other countries in the European Union. For a stagnant economy like Italy’s, a shrinking and aging population is a big concern. The Italian government’s 2023 budget proposes cutting sales taxes on baby care products and boosting child benefits.
  • West African Economic and Monetary Union: The economic growth rate is expected to be about 5.7% in 2022