• CINNO Research: Due to factors such as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and global inflation, major TV brand manufacturers may continue to revise down the annual LCD TV panel plan demand for over one million pieces, resulting in a continued expansion of the overall LCD TV panel price decline, far exceeding the forecast in April . It is estimated that the global LCD TV sales will decline by 3%-4% in 2022. If the price of LCD TV panels of various models continues to fall to July, it may fall below the material costs of panel manufacturers.
  • In 2021, the retail sales of China’s color TV market will fall below 40 million units, hitting a 12-year low. Modern young people, especially the post-00s, are less and less dependent on TV.
  • In March, the overall domestic mobile phone market shipped 21.46 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 40.5%, of which 5G mobile phone shipments were 16.185 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 41.1%, accounting for 75.4% of the mobile phone shipments in the same period. The sharp drop in mobile phone shipments has a lot to do with the decline in young people’s demand for replacement phones.
  • In 2021, the domestic nutritional product market terminal will have a market size of more than 260 billion yuan, dietary supplements and vitamins account for 70%, and sports nutrition has the fastest growth rate. It is predicted that the market size will reach 320 billion yuan in 2025.


  • Bureau of Statistics: In 2021, the average annual salary of employees in urban non-private units will be 106,837 yuan, exceeding 100,000 yuan for the first time, a year-on-year increase of 9.7%; the average annual salary of urban private employees will be 62,884 yuan, an increase of 8.9% year-on-year. From an industry perspective, whether it is a non-private unit or a private unit in urban areas, the average annual salary of the IT industry is the highest. The urban non-private unit reached 201,506 yuan, and the urban private unit reached 114,618 yuan.
  • State Administration for Market Regulation: The total number of market entities has historically jumped to 150 million, and individual industrial and commercial households have reached a new level of 100 million.
  • The General Office of the State Council: issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for National Health”. By 2025, the average life expectancy will continue to increase by about 1 year on the basis of 2020, and the average healthy life expectancy will increase by the same proportion.
  • Civil Aviation Administration: Starting from May 21, domestic passenger flights operated by domestic airlines will receive cash subsidy support from the government if their income cannot cover variable costs. The policy will be implemented for two months, and a total of 41 domestic airlines will receive flight guarantee subsidies, involving 4,500 flights.
  • Securities Daily: For three consecutive years, more than 10 billion people have clicked, followed and participated in Internet charity every year. In 2021, nearly 10 billion yuan will be raised through the Internet, an increase of 18% year-on-year, and an increase of nearly 4 times compared with 2017.
  • Space Administration: The medium-resolution images obtained by the Tianwen-1 mission team through the orbiter, combined with the recent changes in the solar wing power generation current reflected by the telemetry information of the Zhurong Mars rover, determine that the local area is experiencing strong sand and dust weather. The “Zhurong” rover went into sleep mode on May 18. It is expected that around December this year, the inspection area of ​​the Zhurong Mars rover will enter the early spring season, and it will resume normal work after the environmental conditions improve.
  • Nanjing, Jiangsu: The maximum loanable amount of housing provident fund for the first use of housing provident fund loans to purchase a second set of housing provident funds is adjusted from the current 300,000 yuan per person and 600,000 yuan per household for both husband and wife to 500,000 yuan per person and 1 million yuan for both husband and wife. household.
  • The General Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province: issued guidance to further accelerate the development of the new energy vehicle industry. By 2025, the annual output of new energy vehicles will exceed 1.5 million units, accounting for more than 40% of the province’s vehicle output. In the energy vehicle industry cluster, more than 5,000 centralized charging (exchange) power stations, more than 150,000 charging piles, and more than 100 hydrogen refueling stations have been built to achieve full coverage of key application areas.


  • BYD: With the introduction of CTB technology, the volume utilization rate of the battery system can be increased to 66%, and it is used as a body structure to participate in the safety of the whole vehicle, which doubles the torsional rigidity of the whole vehicle. After using this technology and high-voltage charging system, the latest SEAL model is equipped with a new generation of fast-charging blade batteries, which can travel 300Km in 15 minutes, and the starting price is 225,800 yuan.
  • Moutai: The first Moutai ice cream flagship store in the country opened. The R&D team said that the product has alcohol content and is not for sale to minors; the alcohol concentration is 3%, and it is recommended not to drive after eating.
  • Pinduoduo: During the “Duoduo Reading Month” activity in the third quarter, 35.8% of the orderers purchased more than 5 books; social science, economics and management books became the dark horse in the category, accounting for 32% of orders, second only to literature novel.


  • The U.S. grid regulator said extreme heat and prolonged drought conditions could cripple power grids across much of the country this summer, leading to massive power shortages or blackouts.
  • Under the attack of the once-in-a-century heat wave, the pressure on India’s power generation has increased sharply, and there has been the worst power outage in six years. Due to insufficient thermal coal quality, India has further stepped up its coal import efforts, asking power regulators to allow generators to import 30% of their coal needs by March next year. It has previously been allowed to increase the share of imported coal in total demand to 10%, or about 38 million tons.