Covid-19 & Delta

  • Recently, the “Delta” strain has spread rapidly around the world, and reports from many countries may cause the epidemic to rebound in some areas. More worryingly, the Ministry of Health of India stated that at least 9 countries, including India, have discovered another variant of the “Delta” strain, the “Delta+” strain, and this new strain has been listed by India. It is a “must be concerned” strain.


  • Securities Daily: China started construction of nearly 15,000 major projects during the year, involving a total investment of 7.05 trillion yuan. In the construction of major projects, there are many listed companies. It is reported that Shanghai will arrange a total of 166 formal major projects in 2021, with an annual planned investment of 173 billion yuan.
  • Guangming Daily: At present, China has built 847,000 5G base stations. As of the end of April, 1.236 billion end users of the cellular Internet of Things have been developed, of which end users used in smart transportation account for 17.8%. Connecting the 5G signal to the aircraft is just around the corner. At present, China Telecom has started the construction of the 5G ATG network and plans to complete the network construction in the third quarter of this year to achieve national route network coverage. The airborne equipment is synchronized to complete airworthiness, and the peak bandwidth of a single aircraft is as high as 1Gbps. , So that passengers can enjoy 5G high-speed Internet experience at an altitude of 10,000 meters.
  • Ministry of Communications: As of the end of last year, China had a total of 1.716 million registered crew members, a year-on-year increase of 3.5%. The crew ranks first in the world. Among them, there are approximately 808,000 and 908,000 seagoing crew members and 908,000 crew members on inland waterways, respectively, with more than 258,000 female crew members. Last year, there were 250 seafarers dispatching agencies in my country, with more than 122,000 dispatched seafarers.
  • General Administration of Market Supervision: Tesla announced the recall of 285,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Vehicles within the scope of this recall may cause the driver to activate the active cruise function by mistake due to problems with the active cruise control system.
  • National Medical Products Administration: Imeik’s cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel containing L-lactic acid-glycol copolymer microspheres (Tongyan Needle) was approved by NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) and became a successor After Changcun Sinobiom (Changcun Sinobiom), it is the second domestic baby eye needle.