Covid19 & Vaccine

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: At present, the global situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still very serious. From the perspective of maintaining the health and safety of personnel, it is recommended that Chinese citizens avoid unnecessary cross-border travel as much as possible.


  • Development and Reform Commission: It is studying and formulating the “Action Plan for Plastic Pollution Control in the “14th Five-Year Plan””. Actively and steadily promote the use of alternative products. It is necessary to scientifically demonstrate the safety and controllability of various alternative products, including degradable plastics in different technical process routes; to strengthen the standardized recycling and recycling of plastic waste, and promote the classification of domestic waste in various places. Increase the recovery and recycling of plastic waste, and promote the graded recycling of waste plastics.


  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: As of the end of April, the total number of mobile phone users of the three basic telecommunications companies reached 1.605 billion, and the number of 5G mobile phone terminal connections reached 310 million; the three basic telecommunications companies had developed 1.236 billion cellular Internet of Things terminal users. Among them, end users used in smart manufacturing, smart transportation, and smart public utilities accounted for 17.3%, 17.8%, and 21.9%, respectively. 5G is accelerating its integration into thousands of industries.
  • China Securities Network: The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology previously formulated the “Action Plan to Promote the Electricity of Vehicles in the Public Domain”, which is currently being vigorously promoted. By 2035, China’s public sector vehicles will be fully electrified, and fuel cell vehicles will be commercialized. To this end, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology intends to further promote electrification in terms of buses, urban logistics vehicles, and sanitation sweepers.


  • Huawei will officially announce the Hongmeng operating system that can cover mobile terminals such as mobile phones at the June 2 press conference. At present, the industry has high hopes for the Hongmeng operating system. Huawei predicts that by the end of 2021, the number of devices equipped with the Hongmeng operating system will reach 300 million, of which Huawei’s equipment will exceed 200 million, and the number of various terminal devices for third-party partners will exceed 100 million.
  • Tesla: Data centers have been established in China to localize data storage and will continue to add more local data centers. All data generated from the sales of vehicles in the Chinese mainland market will be stored in China. At the same time, Tesla will open a vehicle information query platform to car owners.
  • Science and Technology Daily: The European Space Agency has recently announced that it will support two major corporate consortiums to design specific projects, develop future satellite constellations, orbit the moon, and provide navigation and telecommunications services for lunar exploration missions. Europe wants to develop a GPS service running on the moon, and the European Space Agency hopes to become the first provider of this service on the moon.