China and World

  • According to NASA news, at about 5:50 a.m. local time on April 23, the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft carrying four astronauts was launched at the Kennedy Space Center, and the “Falcon 9” rocket will fly to the International Space Station. Musk said that there is no “obvious limit” to the number of Falcon 9 flights, and SpaceX will always use Falcon 9. SpaceX’s manned system may be ready in 2024.
  • China Automobile Association: It is speeding up the launch of the “Automotive Big Data Interactive Blockchain Platform”, which is currently in trial operation and is expected to be officially released in June this year. The enterprise uploads the fingerprint of the data to the blockchain platform, and the data will be processed by a one-way encryption algorithm, which cannot be tampered with after uploading. If car companies encounter data credibility problems, they can call up the data package at that time and compare it with the fingerprint uploaded to the platform to draw a true conclusion.
  • Korea Herald Business News: It is rumored that Apple will reduce its reliance on Samsung Display OLED panels this year and switch to expanding the use of LGD and BOE panels. Among the OLED panels used by the iPhone last year, Samsung Display’s panels accounted for as much as 78%. But according to SamMobile’s forecast, Samsung’s panel’s share this year will drop by 13 percentage points to 65%.
  • Hiroshi Akajiyama of Japan’s economy industry revealed that it will increase the proportion of electricity that does not use fossil fuels, such as renewable energy and nuclear energy, to more than half of the total. The Japanese government previously set a new goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 46% in 2030 compared to 2013. In order to achieve this goal, we will promote decarbonization in the field of power generation, which accounts for 40% of total greenhouse gas emissions.