• ByteDance: It is preparing to integrate Douyin e-commerce companies including the Beijing team to Shanghai, so as to be close to areas with rich e-commerce retail resources.
  • Huawei: Responding to the market’s rumors about building cars again, the strategy remains unchanged and Huawei will not build cars. The way to cooperate with traditional car companies is to provide solutions for them instead of producing private-brand cars; we will focus on ICT technology and be a supplier of incremental components for smart cars to help car companies build good cars.
  • In January, 14,554 domestically-made Tesla Model 3 sedans were registered in China, a decrease of 38% from the previous month; the domestically-made Model Y models delivered on January 18 were registered and registered 1967.


  • In January, the global production of eight Japanese passenger car companies including Toyota was 2.16186 units, a decrease of 4.5% year-on-year. There is a global shortage of semiconductors, Honda and Subaru, etc. are reducing production at home and abroad; the shortage of semiconductor supply is prolonged, and the outlook for automobile production under the background of the epidemic is full of uncertainties
  • NetEase Cloud Music: Among the new users in 2020, 60% are post-00s, and over 90% of active users are under the age of 29; nearly 1 million original works by NetEase musicians have been added, and the annual total number of original works by musicians exceeds 3000 Billion times. NetEase Cloud Music will continue to focus on strengthening the construction of the platform’s song content and produce a large number of high-quality works.