• China has provided or is currently providing vaccine assistance to 53 countries and exporting vaccines to 27 countries.
  • China Machinery Industry Federation: In 2020, the annual production of China’s machinery industry will stabilize and improve. The growth rate of industrial added value, operating income and total profit has exceeded expectations, but the industry’s investment downturn continues. In 2021, the overall economic operation of the machinery industry will show a trend of high and flat afterwards. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of industrial added value will be around 5.5%, and the growth rate of operating income and total profit will be around 4%. Foreign trade import and export will strive to maintain a basic balance.


  • Shanghai: By 2025, pure electric vehicles will account for more than 50% of new vehicles purchased by individuals; online taxis and new energy vehicles will account for more than 50%; public buses, parade taxis, official vehicles for party and government agencies, and central urban areas Trucks and postal vehicles use new energy vehicles; the total number of fuel cell vehicles has exceeded 10,000. At the same time, by 2025, the annual output of local new energy vehicles will exceed 1.2 million, and the output value of new energy vehicles will exceed 350 billion yuan, accounting for more than 35% of the city’s automobile manufacturing industry output value.
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism: In the seven days of the Spring Festival holiday in 2021, a total of 256 million domestic tourist trips across the country, a year-on-year increase of 15.7%, restored to 75.3% of the same period before the epidemic; domestic tourism revenue was 30.11 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2% year-on-year, and returned to the pre-epidemic period 58.6% over the same period. Short-distance tours during the Spring Festival holiday have become the mainstream, and hygiene, safety, and characteristics have become the focus of tourists’ holiday travel concerns; urban tours, outings, self-driving tours, family tours, and Spring Festival theme tours continue to rise; natural ecology, famous cities and ancient towns, and suburban villages are popular among tourists .
  • Shanghai Port: In February, the container throughput is expected to exceed 3.4 million TEUs. In February, which often includes the Spring Festival, the container throughput of Shanghai Port reached the level of 3 million TEUs per month for the first time, setting a historical record.


  • On the 25th, Facebook announced that it promised to invest at least US$1 billion in the news industry in the next three years.

Trade/ Import/Export

  • The Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued an announcement stating that the second anti-dumping sunset review investigation was initiated on viscose staple fibers (except bamboo fibers) originating in or imported from China and Indonesia. This case involves products under the Indian customs code 5504.10.00.
  • Starting from February 24, all persons entering South Korea need to submit a negative nucleic acid test certificate, and at the same time, they need to undergo at least one nucleic acid test after entry and before the isolation is lifted.


  • Global logistics parcels decreased by 14.48 million month-on-month. According to 17TRACK, the number of parcels sent by various countries in January decreased by about 14.48 million month-on-month, a decrease of 25.20%, compared with December. The volume of parcels increased compared with the same period last year, the number was 1.91 million, an increase. It is 4.66%. The decline in European and American countries was even more pronounced.
  • The parcel decline in the United States, Britain, Germany and France all exceeded the overall decline, with 37.99%, 28.71%, 29.46%, and 41.01% respectively.

Business Travel

  • On February 25, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued another circuit breaker instruction, and from March 8 (the date of flight entry), the operation of Kenya Airways KQ882 (Nairobi to Guangzhou) will continue to be suspended for 4 weeks.
  • Oman announced that citizens of 10 countries are prohibited from entering the country. (Sudan, Lebanon, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Guinea and Sierra Leone)


  • In 2020, the average selling price of newly-built condominiums in Japan rose by 3.8% year-on-year to 49.71 million yen, a record high for four consecutive years.
  • EU: Issue a new version of the trade policy report, including: WTO reform, promotion of green development and digital transformation, improvement of partnerships, etc.
  • Germany: GDP grew by 0.3% in the fourth quarter of last year.
  • Kazakhstan: Tan plans to exempt corporate reinvestment income from income tax.
  • South Africa: No tax increases will be introduced this year.
  • South Africa’s unemployment rate reached 32.5% in the fourth quarter.