The shipment price has increased again! ! !

Two weeks ago, Matson just announced a price cut. Just a few days later, and the price increase notice has been announced.

Regarding Matson’s sudden price cuts and sudden price increases, some freight forwarders said that Black Friday (November 26) is approaching, and many sellers want to ship more. At present, only Matson’s regular liner can catch up with the peak season, and according to Matson’s arrangements, From the perspective of the frequency and carrying capacity of the boats (from the second half of October, it is estimated that one-third of the boats on the Matson West and Oakland lines will be out of service), the supply is in short supply again, so the price has to be increased.

How about other shipping companies?

The major shipping companies will continue to charge and increase the GRI from East Asia to North America in October:

  • Hapag Lloyd: +US$3,000/FEU;
  • CMA CGM:+US$2,000;
  • For large shipping companies such as Evergreen, COSCO, HMM, ONE, and ZIM, from East Asia to North America:
    • +US$1,000/40ft container
    •  special containers+US$2,000
  • Yangming:+ US$1,000 /FEU for GRI from East Asia to North America from October 4th.
  • MSC:issued two successive shipping price increase notices, including three major price increase categories: General Rate Increase (GRI), Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) and Port Congestion Charge (CGS). MSC from October 15 (the port of departure is China South China Port and Hong Kong, and the destination port is the cargo from the US East and West US ports):
    • GRI is added, including USD 2400(20ft container) and USD 3,000 (40ft container);
    • Peak season surcharge (PSS): +USD 2,000(20ft container),+USD 2,500(40ft container)
    • Port Congestion Charge (CGS) fee: +USD 2,400(20ft container),+USD 3,000(40ft container),+USD 3,375(40ft high cube container) ,+USD 3,798(45ft container)

The three major shipping alliances launched a suspension plan for nearly 30 voyages in a single month

According to the latest data released by Drewry, the three major global shipping alliances have recently canceled multiple voyages:

  • THE Alliance canceled 12 voyages,
  • 2M Alliance canceled 7 voyages,
  • Ocean Alliance canceled 4 voyages.

GRI: General Rate Increase.

PSS: Peak Season Surcharge.

CGS:Port Congestion Charge.

EBS: Emergency Bunker Surcharges.

LLA——Long Length Additional.

HLA——Heavy-Lift Additional.