• China embarks on first independent mission to Mars on Thursday.
  • OY Motion bets big on bionic hand exports(Support by homegrown sensors and artificial intelligence technologies, and entirely homemade bionic hand ready for mass production will reach overseas markets this year to benefit those who lost their hands. It can enable its user to move the 10 fingers and all of the joints and is able to conduct around 20 motions in accordance with its user’s command, including grasping, holding, squeezing, and eating with chopsticks.)
  • Carpenter crafts his way to cyber stardom globally (In Grandpa Amu’s videos-(his youtube link), he uses traditional Chinese mortise and tenon skills to make different wooden products, the same skill used in many classic structures in China, including the Forbidden City in Beijing.)
  • UBS(the Union Bank of Switzerland) lifts China’s 2020 growth forecast on the growth rate of China’s gross domestic product this year from 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent after the second quarter exceeds expectations.
  • Shanghai to relax quarantine rules for overseas arrivals
  • Coca-Cola records sparkling Q2 result in China
  • Biggest labor shortages in salesperson, courier, waiter jobs
  • Dalian expands testing to find COVID-19,A DN 190,000 people will do nucleic acid testing


  • Global COVID-19 cases top 15 million
  • New drugs developed by Australian researchers may help treat COVID-19 triggered blood clotting.The research publised in Science Translational Medicine on Thursday.