1. President Xi: China will strengthen science, tech cooperation with other countries
  2. China’s new deep-sea manned submersible sets a diving record of 10,058 meters.
  3. China CPI up 0.5% in Oct.
  4. Covid-19 case in Tianjin similar to strain in North America
  5. A Shanghai worker test is positive for virus.
  6. New transport hub rises in E.China
  7. Lesaffre signs three agreements at CIIE.(Lesaffre is a global player in the fermentation of microorganisms (yeasts, bacterias) for baking, taste, healthcare & biotechnology.)
  8. COVID-19 handbook co-published by Elsevier(Netherlands-based information analytics company) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, in English.
  9. China’s ultrafast lasers at cutting edge of tech: high precision and no heat.
  10. Beijing launches over 100 cultural relic renovation projects on the central axis
  11. East China city is a dream city for foreign companies- in recent years, thousands of German and other European and US companies, have set up shop in Taicang- a city borders Shanghai.