• In 2019, China’s total retail sales of consumer goods reached 41.2 trillion yuan, making it the world’s largest physical consumer market, and the final contribution rate of consumer spending to economic growth remained at around 60%.
  • The white paper “China’s Energy Development in the New Era” pointed out that it is necessary to rely on “Internet +” smart energy construction to explore new models of energy production and consumption. Accelerate the innovation and upgrading of smart photovoltaics, promote the integrated development of photovoltaic power generation with agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, and construction, expand the new space for complementary applications of photovoltaic power generation, and form a new model for the extensive development and utilization of new energy. Promote the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology chain and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry chain.
  • The first batch of COVID-19 vaccine in my country is expected to be vaccinated 50 million times. The first dose will be completed on January 15 and the second dose will be completed on February 15.
  • The top ten products of 2020, masks, helmets, and hot dry noodles were selected. In addition to daily consumer goods, new products such as “JK” uniforms, Ultraman, jerseys, door-to-door cat feeding, and blind boxes have become popular this year, showing that the new consumer forces represented by the post-90s and post-00s are leading the new trend of Chinese e-commerce.

Industry data

  • Wind and solar energy will reach 1.2 billion kws by 2030, and it is expected to reach 460 million kws by the end of 2020.
    Omdia: It is expected that the shipment of LCD touch and display integrated driver chips (TDDI) will reach 873 million in 2020. Among them, TDDI shipments for smart phone displays will reach 781 million. TDDI shipments for tablet computer displays are expected to reach 84 million in 2020. TDDI of car monitors is expected to ship 5 million units this year.
  • From December 3rd, New Year’s Day train tickets can be purchased. On December 3rd, the search volume for homestays increased by 210% compared with the same period last year, and the booking volume increased by 160%.
  • From 0:00 on January 20, 2021, the national railways will implement a new train operation map, adding 325 passenger trains and 114 freight trains to the main freight channels. After the adjustment of the map, the total number of passenger and freight trains nationwide reached 10,203 and 20,513 respectively, and the railway passenger and freight transportation capacity was further improved.
  • China Unicom: As of November, the cumulative number of 4G subscribers reached 269 million, and the cumulative number of 4G subscribers this year was 15.292 million; the cumulative number of fixed-line broadband subscribers was 86.433 million, and the cumulative number of local telephone subscribers was 47.36 million. .
  • China’s express delivery business volume exceeded 80 billion pieces this year, realizing the “four consecutive jumps” of an increase of 10 billion pieces per month since my country’s express delivery volume reached 50 billion pieces this year on September 10.


  • Apple plans to launch the first Apple Car in the third quarter of next year, at least two years ahead of the original plan, and even the Apple Car prototype has been tested on the road in California.