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  • CLS 财联社: Leading tire companies such as Sailun Tire(赛轮轮胎), Sentury Tire(青岛森麒麟轮胎), and Linglong Tire(玲珑轮胎) have all announced new investment plans in the near future, starting a new round of “capacity armament war”. It is reported that the leading enterprises in the domestic tire industry have continuously increased capital expenditures in recent years, and have continued to seize global shares through scale improvements. According to the industry, from the perspective of industry characteristics, the success rate of mergers and acquisitions in the tire industry is low, and the expansion of the industry mostly chooses new production capacity.
  • CLS 财联社: The price of yellow feather chicken (also called yellow-hair chicken, a breed of chicken traditionally raised for meat in China. Personal feel the meat is not tender as white feather chicken)has fallen for three consecutive months, and has fallen below the cost line so far.
  • CCTV Finance: It is understood that the Spring Festival is approaching, and the trading volume in the chilled area of the Fuzhou Strait Aquatic Products Trading Center 福州海峡水产品has increased from 100 tons per day to 300 tons per day. The sales of Plectropomus leopardus 东星斑 and grouper 石斑类鱼 have doubled or tripled compared to usual. According to merchants, the price of high-end seafood this year is 30% to 40% lower than last year. The annual trading volume of Haixia Aquatic Products Trading Center is close to one million tons, and the annual trading volume exceeds 10 billion yuan.
  • Mafengwo 马蜂窝旅游released New Year’s Day travel data: Yunnan, Hainan and Guangdong are the top 3 travel destinations. For some niche attractions, Xichang in Sichuan四川⻄昌, Shunde in Guangdong广东顺德, and Wanning in Hainan 海南万宁 all rose by more than 200% during the New Year’s Day. Hot springs and skiing are very popular. The search index for hot springs has increased by 320%, while skiing has increased by more than 738%. The tourism industry is recovering. During New Year’s Day, the number of domestic tourists traveling nationwide reached 52.7134 million, a year-on-year increase of 0.44%, returning to 42.8% of the same period in 2019. Tourism revenue reached 26.517 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.0%, returning to the same period in 2019 35.1% of the total.
  • The “2022 Top Ten New Business Formats for Decompression 2022十大解压新业态” released by Meituan shows that archery射箭, muay Thai泰拳, land surfing陆地冲浪, Tufting簇绒, “pet pet”撸宠 and other projects are very popular.


  • Chilean pulp producer Arauco: The quotation of Silver Star softwood pulp银星针叶浆 in January 2023 was lowered by US$20/ton compared with the previous round of quotations. Suzano, Brazil’s largest pulp company, also lowered its quotation for hardwood pulp阔叶浆 to US$820/ton. As the high pulp price fall is expected to be fulfilled, the profit turning point of paper companies is expected to appear, and the profitability of finished paper, especially the cultural paper industry, may continue to improve.
  • Microsoft CEO Nadella near: The technology industry will still be shrouded in a haze in the next two years. The long-term growth prospects for technology companies are strong as emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence develop, but such a recovery will still be preceded by a prolonged period of pain in the technology industry.


  • YiChai 第一财经: It is reported that Shanghai community hospitals can provide Pfizer Paxlovid for positive patients aged 65 and above who meet the conditions. Excluding reimbursement, the personal expense is 189 yuan. Some community health service centers have Paxlovid, and some are out of stock. As for whether an individual pays 189 yuan, it depends on the reimbursement ratio, which is not exactly the same for everyone.
  • Macau: Starting from January 8, it is prohibited to carry more than five boxes or bottles of analgesic and antipyretic medicine退热药, compound cold medicine复方感冒药, phlegm and cough medicine化痰止咳药, or five boxes of new crown rapid antigen detection reagents in the name of personal use or consumer goods. Macao.
  • SAFE: At the end of December, foreign exchange reserves were reported at US$3.1277 trillion, an increase of US$10.2 billion from the end of November. Gold reserves reported at 64.64 million ounces, an increase of 970,000 ounces from the previous month, the second consecutive monthly increase.


  • McDonald’s: It plans to announce the employee plan before April 3 this year. At present, the company’s commercial institutions and restaurants have an estimated 200,000 employees. McDonald’s franchise stores around the world have more than 2 million employees.
  • Bloomberg Intelligence: It is estimated that technology giants such as Microsoft and Meta may aggressively enter the bond market to raise funds to stabilize stock prices and thereby increase shareholder returns. Microsoft and Meta may issue bonds of $20 billion and $10 billion, respectively. Technology typically has more cash on hand than other industries, so it has more room to raise funds through bond issues.
  • Ant Group: It plans to continue to introduce a fifth independent director to achieve more than half of the independent directors on the board of directors. At the same time, the relevant management members no longer serve as Alibaba partners, strengthening the isolation from the shareholder Alibaba Group. After this adjustment, there will be no situation where the number of directors nominated by any shareholder exceeds half of all directors. Therefore, there is no longer any direct or indirect shareholder single or joint control of Ant Group.


  • According to a research report in the American journal Science, the threat of climate change to global glaciers exceeds scientists’ previous expectations. According to the current rising trend of global average temperature, nearly 70% of the world’s land glaciers will completely melt by the end of this century; even if the temperature rise is only 1.5 Celsius’ “ideal” goal, and nearly half of the land glaciers will disappear.
  • Barclays巴克莱银行: Still expects the Fed to raise interest rates by 50 basis points at the February meeting and 25 basis points in March.