• Bureau of Statistics: In December, the manufacturing PMI was 47.0%, a decrease of 1.0 percentage points from the previous month; the non-manufacturing PMI was 41.6%, a decrease of 5.1 percentage points from the previous month; the comprehensive PMI output index was 42.6%, a decrease from the previous month 4.5 percentage points.
  • Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province: “Wonderful Travel in Guangdong(粤旅精彩惠聚羊城)” Guangzhou Cultural Tourism Consumption Coupons will be officially issued on December 31. This activity fully integrates main resources such as UnionPay, commercial banks, and more than 1,700 cultural and tourism enterprises and merchants. The activity will last for three months, and three rounds of consumption vouchers totaling 20 million yuan will be distributed to the whole society successively, with a value ranging from 30 yuan to 1,000 yuan, and a total of about value 300,000 coupons.
  • Shanxi Provincial Energy Bureau: It has exceeded the annual coal production target of 1.3 billion tons, creating a historically high level of increasing production by more than 100 million tons for two consecutive years. In 2022, Shanxi’s coal output will increase by 113 million tons year-on-year, an increase of 10.5%, hitting a record high.
  • Maoyan Professional Edition(猫眼专业版): The total box office (including pre-sales) on New Year’s Day in 2023 exceeds 200 million yuan, and it takes nearly 18.5 hours. “Avatar: The Way of Water阿凡达:水之道”, “Want to See You想见你”, and “The Desperate Husband绝望主夫” ranked the top three on the New Year’s Day box office list. Among them, “Avatar: The Way of Water” has a box office of nearly 100 million yuan today.


  • BYD: It has been decided to officially adjust the official guide prices of new energy models related to Dynasty, Ocean and Denza starting from January 1, 2023, with an increase ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 yuan.
  • Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of GAC Group(广汽集团): Strive to achieve a total automobile output of more than 5 million vehicles in 2035 and build a GAC Group with a trillion-dollar industry scale. Among them, it will increase investment in the field of energy ecology, and plans to invest 80 billion to 100 billion by 2025 to establish a vertical line of “lithium mine + basic lithium battery raw material production + energy storage and power battery production + charging and swapping + energy storage + battery recycling 锂矿+基础锂电原料生产+储能与动力电池生产+充换电+储能+电池回收” Integrated new energy industry chain layout.
  • Encryption analysis company Arcane Research: The release of the “2022 Year-end Report” shows that Bitcoin close down 65% in 2022, second only to the 73% decline in 2018, which is the second worst annual performance since 2011, while ETH hit 69%. % of the decline, gold fell only 1%.


  • The Bank of Japan: It is considering raising its inflation forecast in January next year to show that price growth in fiscal 2024 is close to the 2% inflation target, a move that could provide a basis for reversing its ultra-loose monetary policy. The core consumer price index will rise about 3% in fiscal 2022, at least 1.6% but less than 2% in fiscal 2023, and nearly 2% in fiscal 2024.
  • Reference news: South Korea’s electricity price in the first quarter of next year will increase by 13.1 won per degree. It is suggested that the electricity price for the whole year of next year will be raised by 51.6 won, and the increase in the first quarter will account for about a quarter of the whole year. The rate of electricity price increase, the rate of increase per kWh, and the increase in electricity bills for four-person households all hit the highest levels since 1981. The government will provide discounts on electricity consumption to 3.5 million households, including those with disabilities and subsistence allowances.