• Ghana: Export trade risk reminder. The Ghanaian importer cheated or refused to pay the final payment, resulting in long-term stagnation of the goods at the port, facing the risk of auction or low-price resale.
  • Isopropylamine: India made the final ruling of the first anti-dumping sunset review. On December 22, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India issued an announcement saying that it made the first anti-dumping sunset review affirmative final ruling on isopropylamine originating in or imported from China, and proposed to continue to levy anti-dumping duties on the products involved in China for a period of five years. Taxes are $620/metric ton. The Indian customs codes of the products involved are 29211190 and 29211990.
  • Russia extends the preferential loan program for important imports until October 30, 2023. It is reported that the list of imported products eligible for preferential loans includes food, pharmaceutical products, construction materials, agricultural machinery and electronic products.


  • Trend Force: In the second quarter of next year, the price of a large-size OLED panel for a 55-inch ultra-high-definition TV is expected to be around US$300, while the price of a large-size LCD panel will be around US$80. It is said that with the gradual decline in the price of large-size OLED, the price gap with the current bottom-out large-size LCD will narrow. The price difference of 3.8 times is slightly lower than the 4.8 times in the first three quarters, but compared with the drop to 1.8 times last year, the price gap is still large.


  • China Fund News: The price of silicon materials and silicon wafers fell off a cliff, exceeding market expectations. Among them, silicon materials fell by more than 10% in just a few weeks, and some types of silicon wafers fell by 20% within a week. It has caused market concerns about the long-term cooperation between the leading enterprises in the upstream link of photovoltaics.
  • ICT Institute: In October, 24.356 million mobile phones were shipped in the domestic market, a year-on-year decrease of 27.5%. Among them, 19.517 million 5G mobile phones were sold, a year-on-year decrease of 26.6%, accounting for 80.1% of mobile phone shipments in the same period. From January to October, the total mobile phone shipments in the domestic market totaled 220 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 21.9%. Among them, 5G mobile phone shipments were 173 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 17.7%, accounting for 78.4% of mobile phone shipments during the same period.
  • On December 25, the daily container throughput of Shanghai Port reached 151,294TEU.


  • Sichuan Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau: The centralized procurement plan for dental implants will start in Chengdu on January 11, 2023. The highest valid declaration price for grade 4 pure titanium implant product system and titanium alloy implant product system is 2380 yuan/set. The procurement demand for dental implants in the first year is about 2.87 million sets.
  • Hainan province is building a 5 billion yuan electric vehicle entertainment complex aimed at hosting global sporting events such as the Formula E World Championship(E级方程式世界锦标赛), while helping automakers showcase their products and leverage their decarbonization impact in China. The project, located in the city of Sanya, could begin partial operations as soon as 2025, according to Landseed(联新国际医疗), which runs the project. Hong Kong has also stepped up its cooperation with the city, with Hong Kong investors providing 40 percent of the funding.
  • SARFT: Printing and distributing “Opinions on Promoting the Prosperity and Development of Short Play Creation(关于推动短剧创作繁荣发展的意见)”. Encourage all TV stations to actively create and produce short plays with low cost, great feelings and positive energy. Production and management organizations of TV dramas and online dramas and online audio-visual platforms should pay attention to the advantages of short dramas, concise content, brisk rhythm, and precise positioning, further optimize the product structure, and optimize short dramas in terms of resources, talents, marketing, scheduling, and publicity. The drama is supported obliquely.
  • The State Administration for Market Regulation: Administrative penalties were imposed on CNKI(China National Knowledge Infrastructure,知网) for suspected monopolistic behavior in accordance with the law, ordering CNKI to stop illegal activities, and imposing a fine of 5% of its domestic sales of 1.752 billion yuan in China in 2021, totaling 87.6 million yuan. Later, CNKI stated that it formulated 15 rectification measures, including the termination of the exclusive cooperation agreement, the substantial reduction of service prices, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of authors, the continuous optimization of related services, and the comprehensive strengthening of compliance.


  • Toyota Motor: Global auto production in November increased by 1.5% to a new record of 833,104 vehicles; domestic production fell 3.3% to 266,174 vehicles, and overseas production increased 3.8% to a record high of 566,930 vehicles. Global sales and production in November both exceeded last year’s level, due to the stable demand in the North American market and the recovery of parts supply.
  • ijiwei(集微网): According to the data analysis platform Visible Alpha, Apple’s net profit in the fourth quarter will drop by more than 8%, which is the first time in 14 quarters that it has not achieved growth. According to the platform, Apple’s revenue for the period will be lower than the record $123.9 billion in the same period last year.
  • Tesla: It was announced on December 26 that the 10,000th Tesla supercharging station in mainland China was completed.
  • Shopee Ads: launched a new feature of “Advertisement Diagnostic Report”. With this function, you can see the detailed advertising data of each product line, compare the market gap and abnormal performance, etc. Sellers can currently use the automatic advertising diagnosis report to view the monthly advertising effectiveness of each store and diagnose and optimize suggestions to improve operational efficiency.
  • Shipping giant CMA CGM Cargo is temporarily withdrawing from the US market.
  • Tesla will suspend hiring and conduct another round of layoffs.
  • Wahaha(娃哈哈) announced that it has officially entered the field of children’s clothing.


  • The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on December 23 local time that durable goods (耐用品,refer to goods that can be used many times and have a long life, such as televisions, refrigerators, stereos, computers, etc.)orders in November fell 2.1% to $270.6 billion after seasonal adjustment. Demand for durable goods fell across the board, led by orders for civilian aircraft. Orders for nondefense aircraft and parts fell 36.4%, the Commerce Department said, with new orders rising 0.2 %in November from the month-ago month when excluding the transportation category.
  • EU Council: Approves EU-UK 2023 Fisheries Agreement. The agreement establishes fishing rights for around 100 shared fish stocks in EU and UK waters, including total catch limits for each species in 2023 and fishing rights for certain deep-sea fish stocks in 2023 and 2024.
  • South Korea: In the first 11 months, the proportion of nuclear power plant transactions in the total transaction volume expanded to 30%, a new high after a lapse of 7 years.
  • Japan Tourism Agency: In November, the number of foreigners staying in hotels and hotels in Japan was 4 million, an increase of 12 times that of the same period last year.
  • Japan: The consumer price index rose 3.7% in November, hitting a 41-year high.
  • Italy: Retail sales of goods in October fell by 6.3% year-on-year.
  • Vietnam: A US$15.5 billion cooperation agreement has been reached with investors led by the European Union and the United Kingdom to help Vietnam get rid of coal dependence. The funding will help Vietnam bring forward its carbon peak date by five years to 2030 and target the power sector’s carbon peak at 170 million tonnes, about 70 million tonnes less than the country had previously projected. In addition, it will also bring Vietnam’s total installed coal capacity to no higher than 30.2 GW, nearly 7 GW less than originally planned, while enabling renewable energy to account for nearly half of electricity supply by the end of this decade.
  • Peru’s economy grew 2.01% in October.