• A survey by TalkingData found that 37.6% of professionals are suffering from lumbar and cervical spine diseases. Among the many patients with lumbar disc herniation, the waist of the young and middle-aged group is the hardest hit area. An epidemiological survey found that the detection rate of lumbar disc herniation in people aged 25 to 39 is as high as 13.93%, which is equivalent to 1 in 7 people suffering from lumbar disc herniation, which is the highest proportion among all age groups.
  • Maoyan (猫眼专业版): As of 12:00 on December 17, the box office of the market on December 16 was 130 million, 10,398 theaters were open, and the national operating rate was 83.20%. After October 5, 2022, the theater operating rate returned to 80% after 71 days %.


  • Wu Qing, Executive Deputy Mayor of Shanghai: In recent years, Shanghai has taken urban digital transformation as an important driving force to continuously improve the city’s energy level and core competitiveness. Application scenarios play an important role in promoting high-quality development, creating high-quality life, and achieving high-efficiency governance.
  • Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission: By 2025, the production capacity of lithium batteries in the province will exceed 500GWh, the output value of the entire industrial chain will exceed 600 billion yuan, and more than 1,000 electric vehicle replacement stations will be built in the province. It will focus on supporting CATL(宁德时代) to build a world-leading lithium battery new energy and new material industry core area, and strive to be included in the national strategic emerging industry cluster development project.


  • U.S. Department of Energy: The Biden administration will repurchase crude oil to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.