Industry China

  • Securities Daily: In November, the ex-factory price of phosphate fertilizers in China continued to rise. As of November 25, the average ex-factory price of 55% powdered monoammonium phosphate was 3,366.67 yuan/ton, a daily increase of 0.25%; the average ex-factory price of 64% diammonium phosphate was 3,850 yuan/ton, a daily increase of 0.85%.
  • Central Meteorological Observatory: The strongest cold wave since this winter will sweep across more than 30 provinces. From the night of November 26 to 30, the cold wave will affect most of China from west to east. The temperature in the north and most of the central and eastern regions will drop by 10-16 °C successively, and the cooling rate in some areas will reach more than 16 °C, accompanied by winds of magnitude 4-6 and gusts of magnitude 7-9, and local levels can reach above level 10. After the cold wave cools down, the minimum temperature line of 0°C will gradually press southward to the northern part of Jiangnan and the southern part of Guizhou.


  • On November 25th, the annual “Black Friday” shopping festival in the United States kicked off.
  • China Securities Journal: A number of joint venture car companies that are relatively slow on the electric car track are starting a new round of “acceleration”. Since October, joint venture car companies including GM, Volkswagen, Honda and other foreign brands have launched a new round of investment in technology, new model research and development, and capital expenditure.


  • The founder of Hon Hai Technology Group, Terry Gou, said that the strategies of Hon Hai (鸿海)and TSMC(台积电) are completely staggered. Hon Hai does not need to copy what TSMC has done or has done well in the market. In the future, Hon Hai should focus on the development of automobiles, as well as some seemingly small but very useful various markets and technical fields. (TSMC=Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company)
  • Muyuan Foodstuff(牧原股份 specialized in pork production): Since the third quarter, with the increase in pig prices and the continuous improvement of cash flow, the company has resumed construction of some breeding projects. Up to now, the breeding capacity under construction is about 6 million.
  • CMA CGM (one of the world’s largest container shipping companies): Friday reported third-quarter net profit of $7 billion, up from $5.6 billion a year earlier. It then said the drop in the shipping market was expected to accelerate in the fourth quarter due to recent high energy prices and weak consumer spending.


  • Central banks around the world are increasing their gold reserves. Gold purchases in 2022 will be the highest since the 1960s, according to an international survey agency. According to a report released by the World Gold Council in November, the global central bank’s net gold purchases in the third quarter of this year were 399.3 tons, more than four times that of the same period last year.
  • El Salvador’s President has signed a decree and established a National Bitcoin Office. The agency will serve as an executive with functional and technical autonomy, providing information on El Salvador’s bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the media and anyone interested.
  • The German government plans to impose a windfall profit tax of up to 33% on traditional fossil energy companies such as gas, oil and coal, and is expected to receive 1 billion to 3 billion euros in taxes. In addition, Germany also plans to impose a 90% windfall profit tax on the excess income of power generation companies.