Industry China

  • Nickel is an important raw material for ternary lithium batteries. The recent sharp fluctuations in nickel prices have caused the price of ternary materials to increase by 160,000-250,000 yuan per ton, and the price of ternary lithium batteries per kWh has increased by 31-47 yuan. The cost of the battery has risen by 2000-3300 yuan.
  • Traffic congestion in major Chinese cities will improve in 2021. In Baidu Map’s ranking of commuting peak traffic congestion in 100 cities, nearly 70% of the cities’ commuting peak congestion index has dropped compared with 2020; the top three cities in terms of commuting time are Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Among them, the annual average commute time in Beijing reaches 47.6 minutes, which is 1.11 times that of Shanghai.


  • Ministry of Commerce: From January to February, China’s foreign non-financial direct investment was 100.26 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.9%.
  • Ministry of Water Resources: Announcement on the flood situation was issued. This year, the date of flood entry in China is March 17, which is 15 days earlier than the average annual flood entry date (April 1).
  • The State Administration for Market Regulation: In 2022, the anti-monopoly work should focus on the following tasks, focusing on improving the legalization of anti-monopoly, focusing on improving the legal system of fair competition, and providing clearer behavioral guidelines for market players.
  • NDRC: A new round of refined oil price adjustment window will open at 24:00 on March 17. No. 92 gasoline increased by 0.59 yuan per liter; No. 95 gasoline increased by 0.62 yuan per liter; No. 0 diesel increased by 0.62 yuan per liter. According to the estimated capacity of the 50L fuel tank of a general household car, filling a tank of No. 92 gasoline will cost an extra 29.5 yuan.


  • Honor CEO Zhao Ming: Honor will not build cars and will fully open the global mobile phone market. The smartphone industry is considered to be inward, but the full-scenario industry around smartphones still has huge potential for development. Since March, Glory will fully open the global market, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, and will release a product every month.
  • Only two days later, on March 17, the domestic Tesla once again announced a price increase. According to Tesla China’s official website, the basic price of the Model Y rear-wheel drive version was increased by 15,060 yuan to 316,900 yuan. Previously, the price of Model 3 and Model Y long-life and high-performance versions increased by 14,000 to 20,000 yuan.
  • Volkswagen Group’s operating profit rose 99.2% year-on-year.
  • Lotte announced the closure of its China headquarters and turned to Southeast Asia.


  • Bank of Japan: As of December last year, the total financial assets of Japanese households reached 2,023 trillion yen( about 108 trillion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 4.5%. It hit a new high since 2005 with comparable data, and exceeded 2,000 trillion yen for the first time. About half of that was in cash and deposits, underscoring Japanese households’ shunning of venture capital.