• International Chamber of Shipping: 10.5% of the world’s 1.89 million seafarers are Russian, and 4% are Ukrainian. Russian and Ukrainian seafarers account for about 15% of the world’s seafarers, and shipping may face a more serious labor shortage. With 90% of global trade being transported by ship, supply chains could be disrupted.


  • Since February, Hua Hong Semiconductor and other companies have released a number of equipment bidding information. The market continues to lack cores, and new orders continue to flow, which adds to the confidence of wafer manufacturing companies. Recently, a number of wafer manufacturers have successively announced their capital expenditure plans for 2022. Under the background of short supply, wafer factories have chosen to expand production, and the semiconductor boom in 2022 may remain hot.
  • iResearch predicts that in 2023, the scale of pan-secondary users in China will reach 500 million. As the younger post-00s enter the school and access the Internet, they will become the endogenous driving force for the growth of China’s ACGN user group in the future.(ACGN:Animation,Comic,Game,Novel)
  • Nickel is a necessity for the manufacture of new energy vehicles. In 2021, the global nickel market will have a shortage of 144,300 tons of nickel. In the first 11 months of last year, Russia’s nickel exports were 45,100 tons. The EU sanctions Russia, and companies such as Russia’s Norilsk Nickel and Rusal cannot export trade, while 10% of the world’s nickel supply comes from Norilsk Nickel and 5% of its aluminum supply comes from Rusal, which will intensify Supply shortages in the global nickel and aluminum markets.


  • A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches 50 Starlink satellites from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. This launch is the fifth batch of “Star Chain” networking this year. After deploying more than 2,000 satellites, the reliability of the satellite network is now above 99 percent, according to SpaceX. SpaceX can build 45 satellites a week and has launched 240 satellites in a month.
  • The GMV of TikTok e-commerce in 2021 will be up to about 6 billion yuan, of which more than 70% of the GMV will come from Indonesia, and the remaining less than 30% will come from the United Kingdom. The GMV target of TikTok e-commerce in 2022 is close to 12 billion yuan, which will be doubled on the basis of 2021. nearly doubled. (GMV=Gross Merchandise Volume,Includes: paid and unpaid. GMV=Sales + Cancelled Order Amount + Rejected Order Amount + Returned Order Amount. As long as the customer clicks to buy, whether there is an actual purchase or not, it is counted in the GMV.)
  • Kuaishou: As the official broadcaster of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Kuaishou has a total of 154.48 billion views of Winter Olympics-related works and topical videos inside and outside of Kuaishou, and over 7.9 billion views in the on-demand rooms of the Winter Olympics. In the Kuaishou station, the total number of broadcasts of the Winter Olympics self-made programs exceeded 4.25 billion, and the total number of fans of Kuaishou athletes related to the Winter Olympics exceeded 38 million. At the same time, during the Winter Olympics, more than 20 brands including China Mobile, Lenovo, Samsung, Toyota China, Lynk & Co, Anta, and Meituan chose Kuaishou as their main marketing battlefield.


  • CCTV News: The 2022 Spring Festival has ended on February 25. During the 40 days of Spring Festival travel, a total of 1.06 billion passengers were sent across the country, with an average of 26.5 million passengers per day, a year-on-year increase of 21.8%, but only 35.6% of the normal years before the epidemic.
  • Securities Times: According to statistics, as of now, more than 10 cities have lowered the down payment ratio of provident funds or commercial loans, mainly in third- and fourth-tier cities. Compared with the reduction of the down payment ratio of provident fund loans, what is more interesting is that at least 5 cities have lowered the down payment ratio of commercial loans since February.


  • Data from the operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation system: European applications for Russian gas transiting through Ukraine are still at the highest level. Applications for Russian gas reached 109.5 million cubic meters on February 25, the highest level since 2022. The application volume reached 108.1 million cubic meters on February 26.