• SAFE: In January 2022, banks settled 1,539.9 billion yuan in foreign exchange and sold 1,363.2 billion yuan in foreign exchange, with a surplus of 176.6 billion yuan in foreign exchange settlement and sales. In January 2022, the foreign-related income of banks on behalf of customers was 3,725.1 billion yuan, and the external payment was 3,353.9 billion yuan, with a surplus of 371.2 billion yuan in foreign-related receipts and payments.

Industry China

  • Canalys: In 2024, the global annual shipment of folding screen mobile phones will exceed 30 million units, and the compound annual growth rate from 2021 to 2024 is expected to be 53%. Shipments of folding-screen smartphones will reach 8.9 million units in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 148%, while the overall smartphone market will only grow by 7%.
  • The pursuit of shrewdness and quality of life are the two key words of Generation Z, and Internet celebrities and celebrities are the keys to leveraging Generation Z. According to a survey by iResearch, nearly 40% of Gen Z people watch national trending content for more than an hour a day, and 90% watch it for more than 30 minutes a day. The main reasons for Generation Z to choose Guochao(国潮,Chinese fashion trend) content platform are the exquisite and beautiful pictures, rich historical knowledge, official/big V works(verified Weibo users who have more than 500,000 followers), lottery incentive activities, and high appearance of the people who appear on the scene are also important factors.


  • China Automobile Association: In January, automobile production and sales reached 2.422 million and 2.531 million respectively, down 16.7% and 9.2% month-on-month, and up 1.4% and 0.9% year-on-year. In January, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 452,000 and 431,000 respectively, down 12.6% and 18.6% month-on-month, and up 1.3 times and 1.4 times year-on-year.
  • In January, the domestic new energy heavy truck industry sold 2,283 units, a year-on-year increase of 1,318%. The penetration rate of new energy heavy trucks in heavy trucks rose to 7.5%. Since 99% of new energy heavy trucks are pure electric heavy trucks using power batteries, related construction machinery giants and lithium battery giants have begun to develop together, and this track is continuing to heat up.


  • Shanghai: Issued the “Shanghai Implementation Plan for Promoting the High-Quality Development of Nursing Services for the Elderly”. Develop diversified nursing care services for the elderly. Encourage all kinds of capital to invest in the elderly care service industry, and set up Shanghai state-owned enterprise groups in the field of health and elderly care. Personalized scientific parenting guidance and door-to-door childcare services are encouraged to be customized for families in need. By 2025, the number of elderly care beds in the city will increase from 159,000 to 178,000, of which no less than 60% are nursing beds.
  • Shanghai: The amendments to the “Regulations on the Protection of Minors in Shanghai” were passed, which will come into effect on March 1. Without the consent of the minor’s parents or other guardians, no medical and cosmetic services shall be provided to minors. No organization or individual may illegally conduct transactions with minors that are not suitable for the age and intelligence of minors, and may not provide tattoo services to minors.


  • Morgan Stanley: The Fed is expected to raise interest rates 6 times in 2022, in March, May, June, July, September and December, for a total of 150 basis points of interest rate hikes, which was previously expected to be 5 interest rate hikes, the cumulative interest rate hike of 125 basis points.