• Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission: Since May 21, the results of gene sequencing detected among the infected persons are highly homologous. They are all variants of the new coronavirus discovered in India, which spread extremely fast.
  • Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau: Shenzhen has suspended all campus gathering activities.
  • Malaysia diagnosed more than 9,000 in a single day, and a complete lockdown was imposed on June 1.
  • Vietnam has discovered 8 mutated strains of the new coronavirus, and the newly discovered mixture of mutated strains can spread rapidly in the air.
  • Thailand: The third wave of epidemics is raging and cluster infections are frequent.
  • Due to the rapid deterioration of the epidemic, many Indian automakers have closed their Indian factories, including Suzuki, MG, Toyota, and Honda.
    Some economists predict that India’s current weekly economic loss amounts to US$4 billion. If the epidemic is not controlled, it may face US$5.5 billion in economic losses every week. Rahul Bagalil, Chief Indian Economist at Barclays Bank in the UK: If we do not control the pandemic or the second wave of epidemics, this situation will continue until July or August, and the loss will increase disproportionately and maybe close to around 90 billion US dollars (about 580 billion yuan).


  • WTO: The latest “Barometer of Trade in Goods” shows that the prosperity index of global trade in goods is higher than the benchmark point of 100, reaching 109.7. Global trade in goods has recovered extensively and the scale of trade has accelerated. After a brief and deep decline in the second quarter of last year, global trade in goods will continue to recover this year. At the same time, it warned that the current new crown vaccination in various regions of the world, especially in poor countries, is lagging, and the resurgence of the new crown epidemic will disrupt the process of trade recovery.


  • The state has issued a number of bans to protect minors from e-cigarettes. However, under multiple prohibitions, there are still businesses that have changed their tactics to “hunting” young people. The increase in demand for young people has become the potential for the continued growth of the e-cigarette industry.
  • Zhejiang Meida: The integrated stove industry has maintained rapid development in recent years. The penetration rate of the integrated stove industry will reach 14% in 2020, and it is expected that the penetration rate of integrated stoves will reach 25-30% in the next 3-5 years.


  • Li Bin, CEO of Weilai Automobile: As of the end of April, Weilai has delivered 102,803 cars, with an average price of 434,700 yuan.