Covid-19 & Vaccine

  • Johnson & Johnson will supply the COVID-19 vaccine to the African Union. As many as 220 million doses of single-dose COVID-19 vaccine candidates are expected to begin delivery in the third quarter.
  • U.S. President Biden announced that it will expand the scope of vaccination in the United States in the next three weeks, expanding the range of people who can be vaccinated from those at high risk of infection to include 90% of American adults.


  • The scale of development and utilization of renewable energy in China ranks first in the world. As of the end of 2020, the total installed capacity of renewable energy power generation in my country reached 930 million kilowatts, accounting for 42.4% of the total installed capacity, an increase of 14.6% over 2012. In 2020, my country’s renewable energy power generation capacity will reach 2.2 trillion kilowatt-hours, accounting for 29.5% of the entire society’s electricity consumption, an increase of 9.5 percentage points from 2012.
  • There are currently 523 artificial intelligence manufacturing enterprises and typical enterprises above designated size in Hangzhou, China. The artificial intelligence computing power and the number of patents rank first and second in the country respectively, and the industrial competitiveness ranks the first echelon in the country. Haikang has initially formed Leading enterprises such as Weishi, the enterprise echelon of large and small enterprises coordinated development and the “dual-core multi-point” artificial intelligence industry pattern.
  • In March, the order prices of white cardboard from a number of paper companies exceeded the 10,000 yuan mark.


  • AutoForecast Solutions: On March 29, a total of six automakers around the world added more than 65,000 cars whose production was reduced due to chip shortages. So far, the shortage of chips has caused a cumulative reduction of 1.157 million vehicles in the global automotive market. It is expected that in 2021, the global automobile market will reduce production by more than 2 million vehicles.
  • Nippon Steel has increased the general circulation price of thin steel sheets widely used in automobiles and home appliances by 10,000 yen per ton, an increase of about 10%.
  • Bloomberg: The global chip shortage problem has spread to the field of semiconductor equipment. Semiconductor packaging and testing equipment supplier Kurisofa Semiconductor warned that due to the shortage of microcontrollers, the average delivery time of packaging and testing equipment has doubled to six months.
  • Strategy Analytics: In 2020, the total revenue of the global smartphone display panel market will be USD 43 billion. Among them, Samsung Display’s revenue share is 50%, occupying a leading position in the smartphone display market. Followed by BOE and LG Display, which accounted for 15% and 8% of revenue, respectively. In 2020, the top three display panel suppliers accounted for nearly 73% of the global smartphone display panel market.


  • Boeing resumed deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner.
  • Xiaomi: The company’s board of directors officially approved the establishment of the smart electric vehicle business. Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary to be responsible for the smart electric vehicle business. The initial investment is 10 billion yuan, and the investment is estimated to be 10 billion US dollars in the next 10 years. Lei Jun will concurrently serve as the CEO of the smart electric vehicle business.

Trade, Import, Export, Invest

  • United States: plans to impose retaliatory tariffs on six countries (possibly on Austria, the United Kingdom, India, Italy, Spain and Turkey)
  • The United States announced the suspension of all trade with Myanmar.
  • China has become the largest investor in Malaysia’s manufacturing industry.
  • Argentina’s economy shrinks by 9.9% in 2020
  • Amazon added a total of 295,000 new sellers in 2021, adding more than 3,700 new sellers daily. Of the new sellers, 26% are located in the United States and 10.1% are from India.


  • The Suez Canal is fully navigable. Shipping on the Suez Canal in Egypt resumed late on Monday. The container ship Longsong that had stranded on the canal resurfaced. This busy channel has been blocked for nearly a week, and more than 400 ships are currently waiting to pass. It is expected that within this week, all waiting ships can pass.
  • The White House of the United States: plans to vigorously develop offshore wind energy, strengthen the domestic supply chain, and create high-paying jobs. By 2030, the United States will deploy 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power installed capacity, which can power 10 million households and reduce 78 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.