• The WTO says that global trade in services is recovering.
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy: South Korea’s hydrogen fuel cells for power generation are exported to China for the first time. In the future, the energy efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells will be greatly improved, and the unit price of major equipment will be reduced to about one-third of the current level by 2040 through the development of raw materials and parts.
  • Announcement of the ranking of auto product export value: From January to August 2021, the top five countries in terms of auto product export value are the United States, Japan, Mexico, Germany, and South Korea in order. Compared with the same period last year, Belgium has the most significant growth rate.
  • Electric fan metal protective net cover: Argentina initiated an anti-dumping investigation. Recently, the Ministry of Production and Development of Argentina issued an announcement to initiate an anti-dumping investigation against metal protective nets with a diameter greater than 400 mm for built-in motors and fans originating in China and Taiwan. The Mercosur tax code of the product involved is 8414.90.20.
  • Structural steel products: South Africa terminates safeguard measures investigation. Recently, the WTO Committee on Safeguard Measures issued a notification that South Africa has decided to terminate the investigation of safeguard measures on imports of U, I, H, L and T profiles including iron or non-alloy steel from September 17, 2021, and shall not implement safeguard measures. The case involved products under South African tax numbers 7216.31, 7216.32, etc.
  • The situation of empty containers in China has been alleviated. The monthly production capacity of China’s container manufacturers has increased from 200,000 TEUs in the past to a record high of 500,000 TEUs. According to reports from major liner companies, the shortage of empty containers has been basically eased. (PS. The congestion problem of the destination port has not been resolved)


  • Amazon UK FBA goods can be sent to Europe. From November 2021, sellers will be allowed to store goods in Amazon’s fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom, and Amazon will deliver orders to the European Union.
  • ByteDance plans to launch a cross-border export platform. It is reported that ByteDance is testing an independent export e-commerce platform recently and plans to launch it in October this year.
  • IKEA rents exclusive cargo ships to deal with ocean freight prices. According to Swedish media reports, most of the furniture retail giant IKEA’s products are currently facing extreme shortages. In order to ensure the security of the supply chain, IKEA purchases exclusive containers and leases exclusive cargo ships to cope with rising shipping prices.


  • Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology: In 2020, the total scale of Shanghai’s biomedical industry will exceed 600 billion yuan, a record high. In the first half of 2021, the scale of Shanghai’s biomedical industry increased by 22.8% year-on-year, reaching 350 billion yuan. This year, Shanghai has added three new companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, bringing a total of 15 companies.
  • TrendForce Consulting: Since July, as the rate of vaccine application in various countries/regions has increased, the ban has been gradually unblocked, which has slowed down the overall demand for laptops. Among them, Chromebooks have declined by about 50%. It is estimated that the overall notebook shipments will reach 240 million units in 2021, an annual increase of 16.4%.
  • Ascend Money, Thailand’s largest e-wallet, announced the completion of a new round of financing, and its valuation rose to US$1.5 billion. It plans to launch a series of digital financial services including digital loans, digital investments, and cross-border remittances. Ant Group also participated in this round of financing. In 2020, the total payment transaction value of Ascend Money is US$14 billion.
  • Bilibili: Currently, the average monthly active users of station B reach 237 million, of which users aged 18-35 account for 78%. Over 2.4 million creators are active every month, and 8.4 million videos are created every month. In the past year, the number of viewers of national wind videos at station B has reached 136 million.
  • Many domestic commodity futures rose, soda ash daily limit. As of the close of the afternoon of September 27, most varieties rose, the main soda ash contract daily limit, manganese silicon, red dates rose by more than 7%, Zheng cotton, PVC, etc. rose by more than 6%, live pig, Zheng coal rose by more than 5%, Zheng alcohol, cotton yarn, etc. Rose more than 4%, NR, iron ore, etc. rose by more than 3%, plastic, LPG, etc. rose by more than 2%, staple fiber, Shanghai lead, etc. rose by more than 1%, hot coil, peanut, etc. rose slightly; SS fell by more than 4%, Shanghai Tin and coke fell by more than 3%, Shanghai aluminum and eggs fell by more than 2%, glass and soybeans fell by more than 1%, rapeseed meal, Zhengyou, etc. fell slightly.


  • Malaysia: E-wallet transaction volume increased by 89% year-on-year. According to a recent report by the Nanyang Commercial Daily of Malaysia, the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia stated that as of June 2021, the volume of e-wallet transactions in Malaysia has increased by 89% year-on-year to 468 million.


  • European Union Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Center: The Arctic ice range recorded in the past two years has reached the lowest level in history, with an average decrease of nearly 13% every 10 years in the past 50 years. The area of ​​sea ice reduction is equivalent to the area of ​​6 Germany. Ocean warming and melting of land ice have caused sea levels to continue to rise at an alarming rate, with the Mediterranean rising by 2.5 millimeters per year, and globally by 3.1 millimeters per year.