• Asia Daily: Samsung’s semiconductor sales in the third quarter of this year are expected to account for 14.11%, ranking first in the world. Affected by the increase in semiconductor prices and sales in the third quarter, Samsung’s semiconductor sales accounted for 2% higher than Intel’s, and since the third quarter of 2018, it once again surpassed Intel to become the number one. SK Hynix ranked third with 6.8%, followed by Micron Technology, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and MediaTek.
  • BBC: The soaring wholesale price of natural gas has shut down many energy suppliers in the UK, and the fertilizer plants that produce carbon dioxide have also been shut down. The UK is considering providing state-backed loans to energy companies.


  • IiMedia Consulting: The budget for generation Z consumers to buy mooncakes is concentrated at 100-199 yuan, accounting for 34.3%; fillings are the most important factor affecting the group’s purchase of mooncakes, accounting for 76.9%. The favorite mooncake packaging of the Z generation group is Chinese style and retro style. The rise of the national style trend is an important reason why Gen Z prefers Chinese style and retro-style mooncake packaging. Original hand-painted style is also welcomed by Gen Z due to its uniqueness and personalization.


  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan: The number of elderly people aged 65 and over in Japan and their share in the total population have both hit a record high, and the latter continues to top the list in the world. There were 9.06 million elderly people who were still working last year, an increase for 17 consecutive years and a record high.