Covid-19 & Vaccine

  • Germany partially relaxes epidemic prevention restrictions. The German capital Berlin announced that it will lift the curfew from May 19 and relax shopping restrictions.
  • Italy opens its borders to tourists from certain countries. Starting on the 19th, the country has postponed the start of the curfew to 23:00, and on June 7 it will be postponed to 24:00, and the curfew will be lifted on June 21. In addition, shopping malls will be allowed to open on weekends from May 22, and catering institutions will be allowed to resume indoor hospitality from June 1.
  • France has carried out the second phase of “unblocking” as scheduled, and the terraces of restaurants and cafes will also be restored.
  • Britain further “unblocked” amidst its hidden worries. People can “cross-border vacations” and travel to individual countries with low epidemic risk.
  • Portugal relaxes entry regulations in many countries.
  • Greece is officially open to tourists.
  • Australia: The global evacuation of overseas Chinese, or the country will be closed indefinitely.
  • Singapore: Implementing the “strictest in history” blockade restrictions.


  • South Korea’s ICT exports hit a new high in the same month of the previous year. In April, the export volume of information and communication technology (ICT) increased by 32.67% year-on-year to US$17.06 billion, setting the highest record in April of the previous year. In terms of export items, semiconductors, displays, and mobile phones increased by 29.4%, 35.1%, and 89.7%, respectively.
  • Amazon announced the reduction of inventory restrictions.
  • Wish’s total revenue in the first quarter increased by 75% year-on-year.
  • The global reefer container freight rate has risen sharply.
  • Egypt will implement the cargo information forecast system declaration. A few days ago, Egypt issued a new decree, that is, to implement the “Advanced
  • Cargo Information declaration” at Egyptian ports, stipulating that all imported goods, the consignee must first forecast the cargo information in the local system to obtain the ACI Number, and provide it to the shipper. , Will be enforced on July 1, 2021.
  • Two Indonesian unicorns merged to form an Internet company. On the 17th, Indonesian online ride-hailing and payment company Gojek and e-commerce giant Tokopedia announced the merger. The two parties created a multi-billion-dollar technology company, GoTo, the largest in the history of Indonesia. merge.
  • Hon Hai Precision Group’s net profit soared 13 times. Operating profit for the quarter was NT$27.57 billion, compared with NT$4.525 billion in the same period last year.


  • China Performance Industry Association: Released the “2020 China Online Performance (Live Broadcast) Industry Development Report”. As of the end of 2020, the total number of anchor accounts in the live broadcast industry has exceeded 130 million, of which the peak number of new anchors per day is 43,000. In 2020, the number of live webcast users will reach 617 million, accounting for 62.4% of the total Chinese netizens. E-commerce live broadcast users will grow rapidly in 2020, reaching 388 million.
  • China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association: released the “2021 China Satellite Navigation and Location Service Industry Development White Paper”. In 2020, the overall output value of my country’s satellite navigation and location service industry will reach 403.3 billion yuan, an increase of about 16.9% over 2019. Among them, the core output value of the industry, including chips, devices, algorithms, software, navigation data, terminal equipment, and infrastructure directly related to the research and development and application of satellite navigation technology, increased by about 11% year-on-year, reaching 129.5 billion yuan. The proportion is 32.11%.
  • Recently, the price increase of raw materials has triggered a wave of price increases for ceramic tiles. Pottery companies in various places have adjusted prices for conventional products such as diamonds, antique tiles, and porcelain tiles, with the price increase ranging from 0.15-0.5 yuan per piece.


  • The United States and the United Kingdom have imposed a new round of sanctions on Myanmar.
  • A general strike was held across Palestine.