Covid-19 & Vaccine

  • Reuters: It has been revealed that the EU has agreed to a three-month delay in AstraZeneca’s fulfillment of the new crown vaccine contract, but only if AstraZeneca delivers 120 million doses of the new crown vaccine by June. The initial contract between AstraZeneca and the EU provided for AstraZeneca to deliver 300 million doses of New Crown vaccine to the EU by the end of June, but so far only 50 million doses have been delivered.
  • Malaysia’s Prime Minister announced a nationwide lockdown from May 10 until June 10, banning all movement across states and counties and prohibiting all social, sports and educational activities.
  • Multiple Chinese engineers at iPhone India foundry (Hon Hai Technology Group) confirmed infection.
  • India’s largest automaker Maruti Suzuki (parent company Suzuki Motor) has announced that in view of the worsening trend of the outbreak, the company has decided to continue to close its plant for one week, extending the closure from May 9 to May 16.
  • Japanese automaker – Honda Motor – also announced on Friday the suspension of its car manufacturing operations in India, extending the shutdown in the country.
  • 2020 Italy’s tertiary sector suffered heavy losses. The Italian Business Federation released a report saying that the value added of the tertiary sector in Italy in 2020 will decrease by 9.6% year-on-year due to the epidemic, with a drop in consumption of about 130 billion euros and a loss of 1.5 million jobs in the service sector. This is the first time in 25 years of continuous growth in the Italian tertiary sector to decline.


  • The domestic cell phone market saw an overall shipment of 27.486 million units in April, down 34.1% year-on-year; 32 new models of domestic cell phones were listed, down 37.3% year-on-year. 125 million units were shipped in the domestic cell phone market from January to April, up 38.4% year-on-year.
  • The Association of Passenger Cars: In April, the retail sales of new energy passenger cars reached 163,000 units, up 192.8% year-on-year and down 12.0% month-on-month. In April, the new energy passenger car market diversified and the new energy performance of large groups became more differentiated, with SAIC and GAC performing relatively stronger.
  • Group intelligence consulting: since June 2020 to start rising, LCD TV panel prices ushered in the longest rise, the largest rise in the cycle. Among them, the 32-inch cumulative increase of up to 1.5 times, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch prices have doubled.
  • Counterpoint: multiple industries with strong demand for semiconductors, the imbalance between supply and demand will continue, chip prices will rise again in 2022 by at least 10-20%. 200mm foundry of certain products compared to the second half of last year has increased prices by 30-40%.
  • Construction Machinery Industry Association: 26 excavator manufacturing enterprises statistics, in April, sales of various types of excavators 46,572 units, an increase of 2.52%; including 41,100 domestic units, down 5.24%; exports of 5,472 units, an increase of 166%.
  • Gamma data: in April, China’s mobile game market actual sales revenue of 17.906 billion yuan, down 4.48% compared with March, up 13.29% year-on-year.


  • Shell intends to transform clean energy in the next 10 years. Recently, Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden said he expects clean energy to make up half of the company’s energy portfolio sometime in the next decade. The feat includes producing less oil, more natural gas and renewable energy, and using hydrogen and carbon sequestration technologies that are still in their infancy.


  • Egypt: Claim against EverGiven reduced to $600 million.
  • Kazakhstan: Future Plans to Export Drone Products.


  • China’s birthrate to be 12 million in 2020.
  • Statistics Bureau: China’s population will total 141.78 million, an increase of 72.06 million or 5.38% compared to 133.97 million in 2010. China’s population has continued to grow at a low rate for 10 years. The male population is 723.34 million, accounting for 51.24%, while the female population is 688.44 million, accounting for 48.76%. The total population gender ratio was 105.07, basically the same as in 2010 with a slight decrease.
  • Bureau of Statistics: The population with university education was 218.36 million. Compared with 2010, the illiteracy rate decreased from 4.08% to 2.67%.
  • The population living in towns was 901.99 million, accounting for 63.89%, while the population living in villages was 509.79 million, accounting for 36.11%. Compared with 2010, the proportion of the town population increased by 14.21 percentage points.