• China’s carbon emission standards: China has exceeded the 2020 target promised to the international community. In 2020, its carbon emission intensity has dropped by 18.8% compared with 2015, and the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption in the overall consumption has risen to 15.9%.
  • Ctrip: Among the tourists who book Dragon Boat Festival tourism products, 57% of women are 14% higher than men. Compared with 2019, orders for customized tours for the Dragon Boat Festival this year have increased by nearly 30%, and themed tours have increased by 365%. Ancient towns and villages with strong folk customs are sought after by users. Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, Wuzhen, Taierzhuang Ancient City, Nanxun Ancient Town, and Hongcun Scenic Area have become the current ancient towns and villages with hot bookings.
  • Russian President Putin: Sino-Russian relations have reached an unprecedented level. The trade volume between China and Russia will continue to rise in the next few years. It is estimated that by 2024, the total annual trade volume between China and Russia will reach US$200 billion.


  • Facebook: The account of former US President Trump will be suspended for two years until January 2023.
  • Belgium will start the first phase of the “Summer Plan” as scheduled on June 9, when restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. will resume indoor operations. Belgium will use the “EU Covid-19 Digital Travel Certificate” that contains information such as vaccination certificates, negative nucleic acid tests, or Covid-19 rehabilitation from July 1 to ensure the safety of summer travel.
  • The potash fertilizer market has slightly broken the balance of supply and demand. The long-term oversupply of potash fertilizer has improved. International potash fertilizer prices have been rising. The CIF price of large particles of potassium chloride in Brazil is close to 400 US dollars, while it was only 300 US dollars in March. International prices also affect the domestic market. The latest Salt Lake shares are quoted at RMB 2,450/ton, and the peak season price is sold in the off-season. The industry expects potash fertilizer prices to rise further.