• Ministry of Communications: On the first day of the holiday, the total number of passengers sent by railways, highways, waterways, and civil aviation nationwide was 58.267 million, an increase of 119.2% over the same period in 2020. Among them, railways sent 18.826 million passengers, highways sent 36.65 million passengers, waterways sent 917,600 passengers, and civil aviation sent 1.8735 million passengers.
  • Post Office: Throughout the day on May 1, the national postal express industry delivered 260 million express parcels, an increase of nearly 30% year-on-year, and collected 228 million express parcels, an increase of 25% year-on-year, reflecting the steady recovery and good momentum of my country’s economy.
  • Maoyan Professional Edition: As of 19:11 on May 2, 2021, the total box office of “May 1st” in 2021 has exceeded 800 million.
    Nintendo will increase the production of Switch game consoles to approximately 30 million units this fiscal year, setting a record high for flagship game devices.


  • Ideal car: In April, Ideal ONE delivered 5,539 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 111.3%. As of the end of April, the cumulative new car delivery volume of Ideal Auto has reached 51,715. From the delivery of the first Ideal ONE to users in December 2019 to the 50,000th delivery, the ideal car took only 17 months, setting a record for the fastest delivery of new cars.
  • Xiaopeng Motors: As of the end of April, the cumulative delivery volume this year has reached 18,487 units, five times that of the same period last year. The total delivery volume in April was 5147 units, a 285% increase over the same period last year. Xiaopeng P7 delivered 2,995 units, and Xiaopeng G3 delivered 2,152 units.
  • CNBC: According to reports, Apple’s acquisition strategy focuses on acquiring talented technical personnel from small companies, usually evaluating these companies based on the number of engineers working there, and quickly and quietly integrating them into Apple’s team. Apple valued the company based on the number of technical employees, not based on the startup’s revenue or financing records. The price per engineer was about $3 million.
  • Charlie Munger: I hate the success of Bitcoin and don’t like this virtual currency to kidnap the existing currency system.