• Since 0:00 on February 18, 2021, the entire Harbin city has been reduced to low risk. From February 22, 2021, all counties and districts in Shijiazhuang City have been adjusted to low-risk areas.(In China, the epidemic situation is divided into high-risk, medium-risk, and low-risk. Up to now, the country’s medium and high-risk areas have been cleared, and 0 new cases of new coronary pneumonia have been added in Japan for 14 consecutive times)
  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Mobile Internet traffic reached 3.573 million terabytes during the 7 days of the 2021 Spring Festival holiday, an increase of 23.4% compared to the 7 days of the 2020 Spring Festival.


  • The Xiaomi Group’s research on the electric vehicle manufacturing business has not yet reached the formal project stage.
  • On the 19th local time, French car manufacturer Renault stated that the company’s net loss in 2020 was 8.05 billion euros (about 63 billion yuan), the largest annual loss in the company’s history.
  • Amazon has acquired Selz, an Australian e-commerce service platform company. The tool software developed by Selz makes it easier for companies to launch their own online stores. (PS, another Shopify…)
  • Shopee will provide next-day delivery services in Malaysia, increasing the total number of drop-off points in Malaysia to more than 300.
  • Hermes’ sales in the fourth quarter increased by 15.6%. In the fourth quarter, Asian business revenue increased by about 39% on an adjusted basis, while European business revenue fell by 9.7%.


  • IHS Markit: The shortage of automotive chips is expected to result in a 1 million reduction in global automotive industry output in the Q1 2021. The shortage of automotive chips not only affects smart cars, but traditional cars are also in a state of shortage. Well-known traditional car companies such as Ford, Nissan, Toyota, and Honda are all affected to varying degrees.
  • As of February 21, “Detective Chinatown 3” has a gross box office of 4 billion yuan, break the record of fast reach 4 billion yuan box office in the Chinese film market. The box office of “Hello, Mom” also exceeded 4 billion yuan by following in the same day!
  • The film with a box office of over 4 billion box office is
    NO.1 《战狼Ⅱ》”Wolf Warrior 2″, China
    NO.2 《哪吒之魔童降世》”Ne Zha”, China
    NO.3《流浪地球》”The Wandering Earth”, China
    NO.4 《复仇者联盟4:终局之战》”Avengers: Endgame”, USA
    NO.5 《你好,李焕英》”Hello, Mom”, China
    NO.6《唐人街探案3》”Detective Chinatown 3″, China


  • There is a power shortage in Texas in the United States, and local chip manufacturers have to close their factories, causing the global semiconductor market to become increasingly tense. The local energy department in Texas has asked all chip manufacturers in Austin to stop production in order to provide enough electricity for the health department.
  • The US state of Texas issued a temporary ban last week to temporarily ban natural gas exports, which has caused an energy crisis in Mexico, which is highly dependent on natural gas imports from the United States.