• Sam’s Club: The number of paying members in China has exceeded 4 million. Currently, Sam operates 36 stores in 23 cities and covers most of the country through its e-commerce platform. In the third quarter, Sam China achieved double-digit growth in comparable sales and membership.


  • The down jacket factory has been producing at full capacity, and now it produces more than 50 tons of finished down per day, which can produce 2 million down jackets. On the raw material side, the price of 90% white duck down under the national standard was 335,000 yuan per ton in early August. In 2020, the size of China’s down apparel market has reached 131.7 billion yuan, with an industry growth rate of 8.93%. Affected by the cold winter expectations, the down apparel market is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan this year.


  • President Xi Jinping: China is willing to provide ASEAN with another US$1.5 billion in development assistance in the next three years to fight the epidemic and restore the economy of ASEAN countries; start the construction of version 3.0 of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area as soon as possible; China is willing to import more high-quality products from ASEAN countries , Including striving to import 150 billion U.S. dollars of agricultural products from ASEAN in the next five years; China will launch a scientific and technological innovation promotion plan to provide ASEAN with 1,000 advanced applicable technologies, and support 300 young ASEAN scientists to come to China for exchanges in the next five years.
  • Development and Reform Commission: On November 20, the coal storage in the power plant reached 143 million tons, an increase of more than 35 million tons from the end of October, exceeding the normal level. Coal for power generation and heating this winter and next spring will be strongly guaranteed. By the end of November, coal storage in power plants across the country is expected to exceed 150 million tons, far exceeding the level of previous years and basically consistent with the level of the same period last year. The good coal supply and demand situation will be further consolidated, and the ability to guarantee coal supply in winter will be significantly improved.
  • The “snow typhoon” is taking shape, a snowstorm will reappear in the northeast, and the total snowfall may break records. This is the second “snow typhoon” encountered in Northeast China this year and the third nationwide cold wave that China has encountered since October. The average number of cold waves in China from September to November is 1.9. Before the arrival of winter in the climatic sense, the cold waves in China have exceeded the standard by a large margin.


  • Approximately 20 million tourists across the United States will travel by air during the Thanksgiving holiday. From November 19 to 28, airports across the United States will become busy, and it is expected that passenger flow may be close to the pre-epidemic level. It is estimated that the number of passengers during Thanksgiving this year will reach 5.6 million, which is much higher than the 2.2 million in the same period last year, but still lower than the 6.3 million in the same period in 2019.