A foreign friend wants to buy a drone when he goes fishing, and consult me which to purchase, then I took a few hours to check the current market and recommend him a few types. 

I only heard of Dji drone. I’m the same as a beginner. But after a few hours of resourcing, you can use my way to choose the proper drone. 

6 Rules.

  • Rules 1, knowing your purpose


    • to improve driving skills? for kids? for taking videos for school activities? for advertising? for hobby? for gift? for fishing? for recording for moments? …
    • Different purpose has a different drone to match, knowing your purpose will help you make choice later
  • Rules 2, write down your purpose


    • it is kind of preparation before you start your pick-up
    • The purpose will be forgotten easily. But if you write down, it will remind the initial reasons to buy a drone and cusumer reasonable.
  • Rules 3, choose a brand drone


    • a drone+stable systerm= a good drone.
    • Some drone manufacturers will also offer some video models, will let you easily edit the video, upload videos, and enjoy taking videos.
  • Rules 4, 12 aspects you shouldn’t neglect


    • Uses. Drone company designed different drones for different uses, such as for kid /beginner to exercise skills, for skilled users to took awesome video, for agricultural monitoring, for fishing… 
    • Price. Most drone is $500~$3000. And the drone always following -“It’s worth every penny of it.”
    • Screen and camera. Usually, drones will offer basic, advance, and premium of video for available. All matters image important 
    • Video Transmission. For Dji, OcuSync 2.0 better than WI-FI 
    • Weight of the drone. Most are small and light. Usually 500g~1500g. 
    • Obstacle Avoidance ability.
    • Max Flight Time
    • Max Flight Range
    • Max Flight Speed
    • Max Flight Altitude
    • Support FocusTrack or not 
    • Picture quality, range, how high, how fast, background support, defense waterproof, weight, portability, local Flight Standards.
    • If you use it for fishing, water resistance won’t be neglect. Most drones are non-waterproof(Knowledge: some times, the waterproof will write IP45, IP67. Number is bigger, the waterproof is better. Usually IP65 ~67 are high-level waterproof. )
  • Rules 5, knowing your local driving restrictions and local policy.


    • Due to local policies, some countries do not support 5.8 GHz transmission.
    • In some cities, there’re restrictions on weight of drones, make sure you can use the drone in your area.
  • Rules 6, another battery will be always necessary