• Trump calls for immigration halt for 60 days
  • COVID-19 cases in US top 800000
  • New infrastructure projects expected to boost economy
  • Race is on to develop vaccine against COVID-19
  • Funds sought for E.Africa’s most needy(Migrant advocateds are seeking more than $70 million from the United Nations and other donors to fund a plan aimed at helping some of the most vulnerable people in East Africa cope with the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic)
  • Top 5 world PC vendors in Q1 (No5 Acer – 5.8% market share and 3.1 million shipments, No4 Apple – 6% market share and 3.2 million shipments, No3 Dell- 19.6 % market share and 10.5 million shipments, No2 HP – 21.8% market share and 11.7 million shipments, No1 Lenovo – 23.9% market share and 12.8 million shipments,)


  • President Xi Jinping’s tour focuses on poverty, ecology(President urges Shannxi officials to be guardians of Qinling Mountains)
  • Beijing issues plans for reopening sports venues
  • 10000 Chinese sturgeons released into Yangtze River
  • Train shipments build steam in Xinjiang
  • Shanghai to hone its edge in investment(Focus on high-end manufacturing, tech-driven modern services pays off)
  • Supreme Court tightens IP protection. (China’s top court) pledge to harshly punish people who infringe on intellectual property rights, especially those stealing business secrets, to intensify IP protection and promote technological innovation.
  • Tourism will take time to recover
  • Cross-border trips by key personnel may be eased