• CPI to pick up as work resumption continues (The growth of China’s CPI will pause downside trending in June, as the major inflation indicator saw its year-on-year increase slow for the fourth consecutive month at 5.2 percent in February, 4.3 percent in May , after reaching a peak of 5.4 percent in January, the Securities Daily reported on Monday)
  • Measures taken to facilitate this year’s gaokao (From July 7 to 10, a total of 10.71 million candidates are expected to sit this year’s annual college entrance exam, or GaoKao, up 400,000 from last year. Due to this year’s COCID-19 epidemic, rigorous measures have been put in place to ensure safety and fairness, such as air conditions at test sites, Back-up test rooms for those who show symptoms on-site, Personal protection and prevention, Traffic management)
  • Today is Minor heat(小暑)- The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Minor Heat is the 11th solar term of the year, begins on July 6 this year and ends on July 21
  • Torrential rain hits Wuhan
  • Chinese shares surge on Monday
  • Cross-border e-commerce can put economy”back on track”
  • Tourism industry bouncing back in China
  • Wuhan ups flooding response level to 2nd highest
  • Huawei says it is “open to discussions”with UK government
  • Cartoon books teach about COVID-19
  • Mat rushes in harvest season in Sichuan province
  • Special train carries students to college exams (China Railway Kunming Group is providing a special train for 295 students living in remote mountainous areas in Guangdong town, Lufeng County, Yunnan province, to take this year’s annual college entrance exam.)
  • Beijing paper art exhibit pushes the envelope


  • A wide-ranging survey conducted by the Japan News Network Survey finds 77% of Japanese think Olympics “cannot be held” next year
  • Coronavirus nudges US hospitals to brink(After lockdown measures were eased in some states, the US is struggling to respond to the devastation wrought by COVID-19 even harder)
  • Indonesia- Australia free trade deal takes effect: Minister
  • Report faults Boeing over 737 certification (Boeing failed to submit needed certification records to the US Federal Aviation Administration-FAA showing changes to the BOEING 737 MAX’s flight control system blamed for two fatal crashes,)
  • OPPO joins UK’s 5G network

COVID-119 World data July 6, 2020

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