• First patient related to Xinfadi market discharged
  • China is the world’s factory more than ever: The economist
  • Economic indicators show gradual improvement
  • China’s top airlines receive domestically made ARJ21 aircraft
  • BeiDou satellite system seeds efficient agriculture in Xinjiang(More than 10,000 sets of agricultural machinery and equipment are using the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System across the region to develop efficient agriculture, according to the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.)
  • Jiangsu school adopts screening robots for students(With many new technological breaking throughs and products created and further popularized across China amid the COVID-19 outbreak, a school in Suzhou has procured smart preschool screening robots to protect pupils from the virus)
  • Guangdong tops China’s real estate investment list
  • China extends electricity price cut to aid businesses
  • Online education startup Zuoyebang raises $750m
  • Dropout rate in Chinese schools falls by nearly 99%
  • Shanghai Wild Animal Park extends opening hours to 8 pm
  • Dual credit plan will boost NEV development in China(Chinese automakers expecting to have head start on international companies. China is planning to raise the ratio of electric cars and plug-in hybrids in carmakers’ lineups in coming years, which officials and analysts say will help foster the growth of the burgeoning new energy vehicle industry in the world’s largest auto market.)
  • Death toll from rainstorm in Sichuan country rises to 12


  • Global COVID-19 deaths surpass 500,000
  • COVID-19 tests conducted in China three times higher than US(as of June 22, Chinese medical institutions have conducted 90.41 million nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 in total. China currently can offer 3.78 million nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 every day, a 200 percent increase from March.)
  • The US, Russia not on welcome list when EU reopens
  • Key component for fusion reactor arrives in France (A key component for the ongoing nuclear fusion reactor project, known as the “artificial sun”, a superconducting coil built by Chinese scientists and engineers, arrived in southern France on Friday, according to its builder, the Institute of Plasma Physics under the Chineses Academy of Sciences.)
  • Eu Britain intensify talks on post-Brexit future
  • All-Russian vote on constitutional amendments begins
  • Bars in LA ordered to closed due to rising COVID-19 cases

Covid-19 world data -June 29th, 2020

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Global Death
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